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Accomidating foreign language

"I can smell the sawdust you know," Tony said, not bothering to lift his head. " "We've got a missing Marine from Quantico, or a fraud case from the infirmary." "Details," Gibbs said, settling into his seat and checking the new papers.

I'll clean up." Tony listened to Balboa gathering up the trash. I never expected to see you out of the field." "Trust me, I'd rather be out there. But that's beyond the point even Gibbs can push." "So, what's it like sharing a place with him? He was aware of someone watching him in the bathroom.

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Might want to bring coffee as a libation." "Chai tea? Just in case we don't finish it off tonight." "Can I hire you? Her daughter was blind, happily married, and a professional chef. This sounded like something I could do, but I don't trust him like you do." Tony's nose twitched. "Nasty black coffee for Gibbs and chai tea with skim milk." "Now, if you brought dessert too, this will be the perfect bribe." Tony wrapped his hand around the cup. Do you have any idea how many negotiations it took to actually keep me at this desk as opposed to being shuttled off into filing? "I heard about Gibbs giving the HR department a dressing down. "I've got to meet with the director at 1300," he informed his friend.

He wasn't sure what she'd want from him, so he took his PDA with him to take notes. The memory of her didn't hurt as much as it used to, but it was still enough to dampen his mood further. "She'll be with you in a moment, Agent Di Nozzo," the director's assistant said loudly. I can still hear you perfectly well," he said bluntly. He guided Di Nozzo's arm to rest across his shoulders for support. We're going to the hospital." "Not gonna make it that far." Tony'd collapsed into Gibbs arms then.

Mallard sent me up to check on you." "So you followed me to the men's room? He finished up his brushing his teeth and went back to his desk. Hell, he'd walked down these stairs backwards more than once to talk to Kate. "Sort of dizzy, boss." Gibbs put an arm around the young man's waist.

Tony waited until he heard her chair squeak to sit down. We're going to be working together more closely now and I want to clear the air a bit." She sighed. " "Granted." "The way you try to subvert Gibbs' authority. If you involve yourself in the day to day efforts of the teams, you're going to over-load. " "That's all ready been approved." "Is there anything else we need to discuss, ma'am? "Is there anything else you need to be able to do your job here? Agent Mc Gee and Abby set me up." "Then, I'll see you at the monthly meeting tomorrow." "Yes, ma'am." **** Gibbs bit back his instictive reaction to turn to Tony once again. There were other agents who were stopping and staring for a moment as they walked by. He was leaning back with his feet up, headphones on his head, keyboard in his lap as he worked. First, there'd been the injury, surgery, and recovery. He banished the image of them together by studying the printout that he'd just picked up from the team's shared printer. "I think you're pushing him too hard," she said quietly. "He's a distraction." "That's why he's on desk duty." She was quiet for a long moment.

"Yes, ma'am." She took his arm just above the elbow. Here's the chair." She put his hand on the back of the chair. " "I wouldn't say talked." The door closed with a soft click. But you are not his partner any longer." "You think I'm jealous? I've seen the surviellence tapes of what happened." "But I'd distract him." "Yes." Tony shrugged. You're still going to let me do interviews and interrogations here, right? They didn't have his instincts, his talent, or his knowledge. She wasn't the only one watching Di Nozzo work either. He was getting better with the cane every day, but he still got disoriented easily. He'd never have guessed that he'd be thankful for the raised type and Braille translations in the building. He was disturbed by the mental image of the two of them curled up in his bed. Tony had somehow wriggled out of the son role within minutes of their meeting. Ziva gathered her things, including a small overnight case. " "Let me worry about whether or not Di Nozzo's doing his job." "He will take advantage of Mc Gee." Gibbs grunted. "He'll adapt." She crossed her arms, not saying anything more until they were on the plane. He'd go crazy if he didn't have something to do." **** "Tony! "Give me your hand." He frowned suspiciously at her, but offered his hand. He leaned his head against her arm and she smirked a little bit.


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