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Bodybuilding organisations saw this as detrimental for the reputation of bodybuilding as it makes it look more like a striptease show.

However, even though there is always a clause regulating the size of posing suits most bodybuilders simply don't respect the rule, likewise, most bodybuilding judges turn a blind eye to the fact that most bodybuilders get on stage wearing the smallest of the smallest posing suits today. There is also a clause that regulates the character of your posing routine in order to ensure that your routine doesn't make you look like a male stripper.

The weeks of constant dieting, workouts that continually tax the body almost beyond recovery, and a constant influx of potentially harmful drugs and diuretics have brought most of them to total exhaustion.The rule also shows and that bodybuilders have the tendency to show more skin than required which certainly confirms that for many bodybuilders there is in fact an erotic interest in engaging in the activity .Perhaps because we are living more liberating times, it seems to be that being overly erotic in bodybuilding doesn't seem to be a problem anymore, in fact, the industry works with exploiting the erotic side of the muscular body.[quote]it seems to be that being overly erotic in bodybuilding doesn't seem to be a problem anymore, in fact, the industry works with exploiting the erotic side of the muscular body. And his body isn't the morphed over roided look that too many bodybuilders have. I've got a small dick myself and even if I had a body like these guys do I'd be mortified that everyone would know I was the size of a mushroom. Or is it that all these guys with tiny dicks are just trying to compensate? I'm sorry but if you want to go around showing off your body like this you better have a bigger dick.And it is not like these malfunctions run unnoticed because they actually all try their posing suits on before competition so they know if they really cover the goods or not.I don't think so R157It is very unlikely that that could happen today because the vast majority wear them very tiny so they would have to sanction a lot of bodybuidlers for it.And these days there are companies backstage to do the spray tan and oil. I would think that they were tailor made for this type of competition! can you contribute something to the Bigorexia thread too? The other Ty came a bit later, when he had so bulked up that he looked different--even, I'd say, not hot anymore. My question is: which of these two Tys was in the contest with you?(Last year a butch woman did mine.) Although this last contest, sitting around chatting backstage, I started to get a little firm down there (not enough to be real noticeable). If you want to protect your or his privacy, just don't answer. Because of all the things they have to do in order to look ripped and vascular, most bodybuilders and I say "most" because there might be exceptions, most bodybuilders see their sex drive go down dramatically so erections are very unlikely to occur, otherwise, considering they are surrounded by so many muscle people with only a tiny piece of cloth you woud see most of them hard down there but that's not the case.The audience goes crazy when bodybuilders do those things both women and MEN.Ty Fox's NPC/IFB competition record:1991: Collegiate Nationals - NPC, Light-Heavy Weight, 7th1999: Jan Tana Amateur - NPC, Heavy Weight, 3rd2001: Jan Tana Amateur - NPC, Heavy Weight, 4th2006: North American Championships - IFBB, Masters Heavy Weight, 8th2009: Masters Nationals - NPC, Heavy Weight, 11th2011: Masters Nationals - NPC, Heavy Weight, Did not placer95 - in your story, didn't you say he placed first and you placed second at an NPC competition?


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