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Adolescent dating violence prevention education funding ohio

SRAE projects are implemented using a Positive Youth Development (PYD) framework as part of risk avoidance strategies, to help participants build healthy life skills, develop individual protective factors that reduce risks, empower youth to make healthy decisions, and provide tools and resources to prevent, pregnancy and STI.

Linking program participants to services provided by local community partners that support the safety and well-being of youth is also a key component to the program. For a list of grantees, please see the FYSB grantee map FYSB sponsored a Medical Accuracy Review (MAR) webinar for PREIS and TPREP grantees.

It is during the critical pre-teen and teen years that young people begin to learn the skills needed to create and foster positive relationships.

With Safe Dates, young people are given the tools needed to build these skills.

For more information, please see the Tribal PREP fact sheet.

Projects must be designed to provide medically accurate abstinence education as defined by the Social Security Act.Highly engaging and interactive, Safe Dates reflects the issues faced by today's teens.The curriculum includes: Hazelden's grant writing toolkits have been specifically designed to help you find the funding you need to purchase our best-selling evidence-based programs.Through the Personal Responsibility Education Program (PREP) Competitive Grants, FYSB awards grants to local organizations and entities to educate young people on both abstinence and contraception.With efforts toward preventing pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections, Competitive PREP targets young people who are: Through Personal Responsibility Education Innovative Strategies Program (PREIS), FYSB supports research and demonstration projects that implement innovative strategies for preventing pregnancy among youths aged 10-19 years.APP Innovation and Program Impacts APP has published and disseminated a number of research and evaluation reports, briefs, and fact sheets.These products are organized by the research projects and programs under which they were developed.Since the start of the APP program, we have worked with grantees to integrate research into their programming, in order to learn, improve and advance the field of teen pregnancy prevention.This partnership manages several performance and evaluation projects which document how APP programs are implemented and who is served, assess program effectiveness, and foster program innovation.A new video about the transition to adulthood today, how it has changed over time, what skills and capacities are helpful for youth, and the roles of families, education, and employment in the process.To prevent pregnancy and the spread of sexually transmitted diseases among adolescents, FYSB supports state, Tribal and community efforts to teach abstinence and contraceptive education. ACF’s Family and Youth Services Bureau and the Office of Planning, Research and Evaluation (OPRE) partner to support program evaluation efforts of the APP grantees.


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