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I also know that she loved her buddy amber for years,and would never kill her unless her life was threatened! Cyndi was an energetic,hardworking,fun,swee theart & I can't amagine what happened that made her have a gun in her hand at all durring this conflict. If anyone has more details,please keep me up to email is :[email protected] love both people involved and think this is a huge mistake,and hope that amber makes it to heavenbecause she was such a sweetheart. WHICH WILL NEVER KNOW OR SEE THERE MOM AGAIN A LITTLE BOY NAMED HUNTER & A LITTLE GIRL NAMED HAILEY, THAT WILL NEVER KNOW WHAT ITS LIKE TO HAVE A MOM & NEVER FEEL THE HEART FELT JOY OF HAVING A PERSON TO TALK TO OR CRY TO OR SOME ONE TO HUG & KISS & HOLD.. TO FEEL THAT "SPECIAL LOVE"AS THE LAST FEW DAYS THAT HAVE PAST . I HAVE READ THE STORIES & HAVE FELT THERE WAS A SIDE THAT SHOULD BE HEARD OF THE WAY IT FEELS TO HEAR THESE ARTICLES & NOT TO HAVE THE SIDE OF A 6 MO PREGNATE GIRL THAT WENT TO THAT AREA ON A SUGGESTION OF A FRIEND . I WOULD LIKE PEOPLE TO KNOW THAT AMBERS BROTHER FOR THE LAST FEW YRS HAS FOR HIS COUNTRY DEFENDED A LOT OF PEOPLE . FROM THIS SENSLESS TRADEGY OF A 22 YR OLD YOUNG PREGANANT MOM TO BE. She must have changed so much from that caring young lady I knew all those years ago. I'm not here to defend her actions, I just want to know the complete truth.

I will miss amber and her tallented music making skills,we we're in a band for a bit in H. All I know is if she was out muscled by amber & amber's b/f,while cyndi's b/f wasn't there,maybe she picked up the gun to scare them out of the house? BEING AROUND A CLOSE & VERY VERY LOVING FAMILY HURTS TO KNOW THIS WILL NEVER HAPPEN FOR THEM 2 KIDS. WHOM AMBER PROBABLY WOULD OF TRUSTED TILL THE END OF TIME. THAT SHE PROBABLY NEVER FELT A THREAT, TILL THAT TERRIBLE DAY. WHAT I WOULD LIKE FOR PEOPLE TO REALIZE IS THAT AMBER WAS LEFT AT THE PAWN SHOP AND HAD TO WALK HOME THAT IS 15 TO 20 MINUTES THAT IT TOOK FOR HER TO WALK BACK TO THE HOUSE. I live in Florida so all I can read are these news articles. She went to my school too and I kind of remember her but we weren't friends.

The ratio of number of residents in Greenville to the number of sex offenders is 1,202 to 1. WHY WOULD A 6 MONTH PREGENANT GIRL JUST 22 YRS OLD BE A THREAT OR WANT TO HARM ANY ONE? WHY WOULD SOMETHING SUCH AS A DENT ON A CAR & AN ARGUMENT CREATE SUCH A RAGE AS TO SHOOT A PERSON WITH A CHILD. IF SOMEONE WAS SO TERRIFIED FOR HER LIFE WHY DID SHE NOT CALL THE POLICE AND TELL THEM THAT SHE WAS SCARED FOR HER LIFE AND ASK FOR ASSISTANCE SHE INSTEAD CHOSE TO STAY THERE AND WAIT FOR AMBER TO RETURN SO THAT SHE COULD ARGUE WITH HER MORE UNITL THINGS GOT SO OUT OF CONTROL THAT A LIFE... I hope her son and family can move on and the baby girl live a healthy life!- Sara I knew Cyndi back in 1997 when we both attened Plum Point Middle School in 8th grade, in Maryland. E together and always helped out the special ed kids instead of playing basketball with the rest of our class.Kathy (my sister) and Frank have always treated Amber like daddy's little girl. I am Cynthia's last boyfriend before,she left me/Maryland for Justin bond in S. Cyndi would never kill amber, or a fly for that matter,unless her life was in danger. I am a mature,grown,god loving,hard working man now & I am very sad that she was with a guy who was growing 20 plants of marijuana,& had a gun. I grew up with these people, I know they needed drugs to stay sane, I used to be the same type of person. She was the sweetest and happiest person I have ever met. I live in Maryland so it will be hard for me to keep up with what happens to the murderer but if someone could please keep me informed, I would greatly appreciate that. One brings the other all the way to another state to be with them. The doctors are saying she wont make it past the next few days. Cynthia can still the trees smell the grass watch the sun come up... Lets just hope she does all thoes things behind a jail cell!!!!!!!!!! YOu never are to take a persons life into your own hands let alone 2 lifes.I see their pain, but can't imagine how they feel on the inside! I dated her for 5 years,much longer than anyone, even her current bf. She is the type to avoid conflicts,that's why she left them at the pawn shop I'm sure! I am Cynthia's last boyfriend before,she left me/Maryland for Justin bond in S. Cyndi would never kill amber, or a fly for that matter,unless her life was in danger. I am a mature,grown,god loving,hard working man now & I am very sad that she was with a guy who was growing 20 plants of marijuana,& had a gun. Was it the police seeing all the drugs she was hiding? Who is going to tell him that his mother was shot in the face all over a scatch on a used car! Marchbanks boyfriend hmmmmmmmmmm now lets see what is that little wise tale about 9 tenths of the law! Always giggling and laughing even when there was nothing to laugh at. The defense lawyers saying "poor cynthia" please!!!!!!!!!! But lets see how many other lifes was she slowly taking also but the making and selling of a narcotic!My family is still in shock about this tragic story! I didn't know her well except in passing just to say hi every now and then. I don't even feel a death penalty would be good enough for her. Chester, there is a special place in heaven for people like you. My view of this is Cynthia could have avoided this conflict by not opening the door. If my life was threanted I would have never opened that door... You know people can make there comments because it is America and we are allowed to do that but you really need to think about what you are wrtiting before you actually do it. If your having an argument with someone call thoes men in blue that is what there here for. Her son Hunter will never really know his mother.you remember back when you were 2?Haily is not doing well, but still fighting to live! I grew up with these people, I know they needed drugs to stay sane, I used to be the same type of person. My thoughts and condolences are with Amber's family. Hunter and Hailey, know that your mommy will always be with you. All of your hometown friends are mourning and grieving you. I ask myself if she avoided conflicts why not call the cops? Amber was getting on a bus that same day to leave South Carolina.. 2 best friends -have been every since middle school. Leads to a YOUNG LADY a PREGNANT YOUNG LADY to be killed. Hailey a innoncent baby that never even ahd a chance to be brought into the world the right way she was forced here by her mother being killed and now she has no chance for life.Bless Amber an may she rest in peace Beth Amber ,was my neice, and she hadn't even lived a quarter of her life! I pray for everyone involved.to god because he will see you through but the world is missing more than a little music these days and I'm sure that Amber will never be forgotten.How can Bond's mother say she didn't think she set out to shoot a pregnant mother! I feel a life sentence in prison isn't good enough for her. Kathy, Frank, Chester, Hunter and Hailey..you feel like you are to weak or hurt to go on..remember you now have a new Angel to hold you up.thoughts and prayers are with you all! The neighbor has stated Amber was walking away and Cynthia was calling her back. if Im scared of someone and Im inside of a house Im not going to open my door and call them back to me??? The bottom line is you do not kill your best friend or anyone for that matter over a silly argument.She shot Amber an to my opinion she meant to kill the baby . She was shot on the porch and Mike was nextdoor when he came running over. Amber was 6 month's pregnant and unarmed what was Cyndi fearing?She is a danger to society an no mother should feel safe with her around there children . It also saddens me that after doing such a horrific thing how she could continue to try to drag Amber's name through the dirt..drugs found in Cyndi's home were Amber's?


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