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Aimee chan moses chan dating

When talked about TVB getting their license extended for twelve more year, he pointed out that it's good news: "Just like any businesses, you have to follow regulations.

Debuted through the Miss Chinese International Pageant, Bernice Liu steps into her 11th year in the industry.

20 Aug - TVB actress Aimee Chan is excited about her first day of work as she appeared on the set of her comeback movie, "Sun Moon Star" (working title).

" with Chapman To, and that she couldn't wait to start filming again.

, director and co-star Chapman To even teased Aimee, 34, about her fertility and her 44-year-old husband's virility.

In response to the event's emcee Danny Yeo's comment that Moses has "too much vigour", To agreed.

She didn't have the strength to feel heartbroken, she said: "Actually, we haven't kept in touch, but that's not important! Canada isn't a bad choice and besides the living expenses isn't too high to raise children there!

Even if that's the case, I won't be disappointed with this person because each individual have different ways of doing things and different views. (How would you describe your relationship with him?


  1. Hong Kong actor Moses Chan, left, and his pregnant actress wife Aimee Chan pose as they arrive at a cocktail party to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong hotel in Hong Kong, China, 17 October 2013.

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