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There is helpful advice for extricating yourself from a relationship with a narcissist, and also insight as to why you may have been involved with a narcissist in the first place, related to your own personal background.

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Date of publication: October 31, 2013 (reprint), October 1, 1998 (original) Amazon rating: 4.5 stars Pages: 832 Who this book is for: Someone who is looking for a greater understanding of his or herself , based on his or her birthday Gary Goldschneider, bestselling author of “personology” and astrology books, studied the life stories of more than 20,000 people over a time span of 50 years to uncover traits and descriptions published in his three books.

These individuals are self-centered, have little capacity for empathy, are exploitative and manipulative, and feel they deserve a great deal of admiration.

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It takes you through what it’s like as a child to be raised by a narcissist, and how this has a lasting and severe impact on your emotional and psychological wellbeing, as well as your ability to interact with others in healthy ways.Excellent read and practical advice, whether the narcissist you know is at home, at work, or anywhere else.This is an in-depth psychological book about the effects of growing up with a narcissist for a parent.The book is based on the theory that life is cyclical, meaning that people that share the same birthday, have the same characteristics.Each day of the year is featured on a double-page spread with a personality description, health information, important numbers and tarot cards.This is a wonderful book that anyone involved with a narcissist needs to read.There are proven techniques for dealing more effectively with narcissists, such as ignoring their show-offy grand gestures and instead, reinforcing them for everyday, kind behaviors.Narcissists are only one of the types of toxic parents described, but the advice is excellent and pragmatic.If your parent is a narcissist, you will have to set some boundaries in order to live your life in a healthy and adaptive way, and this book helps you figure out exactly what to say and do to create these necessary boundaries. Sam Vaknin, a self proclaimed narcissist himself, takes us behind the scenes into the mind of a narcissist and gives us an inside glimpse at how a narcissist operates.This book is fascinating and is a must-read for anyone who wants to learn in depth about the narcissist in their life, including the background of how narcissism develops.This book is a great look at the seven “deadly sins” of narcissism, and shows how and why narcissists became how they are.


  1. Good relationship books give practical advice you can use in many facets of your life. These 14 books on relationships. Overcome Misunderstanding -by Aaron T. Beck M. D.; To Date a Man, You Must Understand a Man The Keys to Catch a Great Guy Dating and Relationship Advice for Women -by Gregg Michaelson.

  2. In 1999, Amazon first attempted to enter the publishing business by buying a defunct imprint, "Weathervane", and publishing some books "selected with no apparent thought", according to The New Yorker. The imprint quickly vanished again, and as of 2014 Amazon representatives said that they had never heard of it.

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  4. Read Aches, Pains, and Love A Guide to Dating and Relationships for Those with Chronic Pain and Illness by Kira Lynne.

  5. I read this a few years back and got me interested in several others like The Mystery Method How to Get Beautiful Women Into Bed and other books about seduction and dating. The author, Neil Strauss or Style in the book, has also written several books following this one including Rules of the Game and The Pickup Artist.

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