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Sky bought out Amstrad satellite production in 2007 and now only distribute boxes which initially appeared as Amstrad models but are now badged merely as Sky.

A Video Guard card slot, as well as a second smart-card reader are fitted to the front (these are for the Sky viewing card and other interactive cards).An Internet service is also available through the device, similar in some ways to the American MSN TV.The first Digiboxes shipped to consumers in mid-1998, and the hardware reference design is unchanged since.A second generation of Digibox exists, marketed as Sky .These PVR units have three versions: the 40 GB PVR1, the 40 GB PVR2, and the PVR3 which is fitted with a 160 GB HDD with 80GB available for user recordings, and the remaining 80 GB reserved for use by Sky Anytime.All have dual LNB inputs and an optical digital audio output, as well as all other features of the Sky box.These units are manufactured by Amstrad, Pace and Thomson only, and use a different remote control. When Sky was launched, there was an additional £10 monthly charge to access the Sky functionality if two or more premium packages were not subscribed to.For a long period of time in 20, only one Digibox was in production, the Pace DS430N, but Amstrad and Thomson have resumed production with the DRX500 and DSi4212 boxes respectively.Digiboxes for new customers are assigned randomly, and cannot be chosen, creating an after market for specific boxes due to their individual features.Thomson and Amstrad began supplying these boxes in late 2005, with Pace following in late 2006.The standardised design is known as the "Flow" design.


  1. How To. fix Skybox problems. Ours just says "updating system software Do not disconnect from Ian's supply or. When I switched on the Sky box and TV.

  2. Tips for a Sky Digital Box That. Software update; The digital Sky Box may also become. You can access your LNB settings by going to your menu system.

  3. These are the instructions for resetting your sky + box when it stops. of the sky + Box. 8. Now the System will. displayed "Updating System Software.

  4. New software upgrade for Amstrad. non-1TB box lock-ups since new software - Sky Help Forum. My box was set to medium prior to updating and the contrast.

  5. Feb 14, 2009 I have an Amstrad DRX100 that is stuck in. Disconnect the sky box from the. On the tv screen it will say in black and white updating system software.

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