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After life experience and reading countless articles on this issue, I came to learn there were three types of abuse and that women could abuse men as well.However, knowing the warning signs of dating violence is important to help teens, parents, and teachers recognize abusive behaviors.

El presente estudio ha tenido por objetivo la caracterización de los jóvenes delincuentes violentos en sus relaciones sentimentales (“DVO” en su acrónimo inglés) y su comparación tanto con el conjunto de la población como con otros delincuentes violentos jóvenes que han cometido delitos con otro tipo de víctimas.

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The middle school speaker mainly focused on physical abuse where the man was the abuser and the woman was abused.

Atlanta, GA: National Center for Injury Prevention and Control, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.[11]Mc Ghee, Stephanie.

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