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I guess it also caused the rise of the miniseries movie potboiler drama that paved the way for THE BETSY, THE Greek TYCOON and many other 2hr plus glossy romantic efforts.... TV really corralled this type of book/drama on film with DYNASTY and KNOTTS LANDING etc.

I am surprised that is was considered a flop in the USA when a big hit elsewhere.

My main memory is from a suburban cinema in Sydney....400 person sized crowd of couples....

then shocked silence during a bathtub abortion scene...

It’s a place in which you have a lot of time to think.

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Desperate to be together, Larry and Noelle make deadly plans.But soon the lovers face a terrible fate determined by the jealous Demiris using Catherine as his pawn.What a success this film was in Australia in 1977....The inmates’ world is a “pod” of cells, two tiers of nine cells each with a common area in the center.The entire area is visible to guards in a booth in the central corridor and by video cameras.With a mug of tea and his tears wiped up, we re sat him with his cringing date and the movie rolled on...on and on. CAMP HANSEN, Okinawa — Take it from “Inmate” Angeles, the Joint Forces Brig on this sprawling Marine base is not the place you want to be spending your days. And that’s exactly the message Chief Warrant Officer 3 Joseph Stines, the unit’s commanding officer, wants to convey.The existence of the brig is meant to be as much a deterrent for servicemembers who might one day break the law as a punishment for those who already have.“The brig is here to protect the public from crime by safely and securely handling criminal offenders while providing offenders opportunities for self-improvement and increasing the chances that they will become productive and law-abiding servicemembers or citizens,” Stines said during a recent interview with brig staff and the inmate. Basically, the brig provides the setting for some “tough love” for servicemembers awaiting trial or sentenced to less than a year.We had to stop the projector, tell everyone that he was alright and re wound the film. "Aww don't show that bit again" he protested, so we didn't, we re started from just after.


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