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Are christian borle and laura bell bundy dating

Along the way, our heroine proves that being yourself and going after what you want never goes out of style.At the end of the show, Vivian introduces Elle's speech with a Shakespeare quote.They've worked onstage together five times, but is the first time they've worked as a marrieds on Broadway. "It fascinates me that people think I came up with it. The girl is Orfeo, and Mom got it into her head that was what her child was going to be named. So it's good I was born female." A born-and-bred New Yorker (Karl's from Baltimore ) with a French and Italian heritage, she does say that her name intrigues people. " In public school here, she continues, "no one even batted an eye when roll call was called. Even when I got into the music business, no one batted an eye." [END] Ellis Nassour contributes entertainment features here and abroad.They are that Broadway rarity: a married couple working together. In the end, however, it was how Orfeh finally nailed her audition. He is the author of "Rock Opera: the Creation of Jesus Christ Superstar" and "Honky Tonk Angel: The Intimate Story of Patsy Cline," and an associate editor and a contributing writer (film, music, theater) to Oxford University Press' American National Biography (1999).But don't let this seemingly ditsy fashionista fool you, this sorority sister is smarter than she seems and doesn't take "no" for an answer.So when her boyfriend dumps her for someone "more serious," Elle sets out to win him back by putting down the credit card and hitting the books." (Okay, she was the teen critic for the Oakland Tribune, but now we know what attracts young girls to theater.) Orfeh came into the business as a pop/rock singer with a power voice. They're reluctant to allow someone to step outside the box they feel that person should be in." Thinking "bend-and-snap" Paulette, played so indelibly on film by Jennifer Coolidge, was the perfect role, Orfeh became quite determined, "but they wouldn't see me for a year. I wasn't their idea – physical, age, height – of Paulette.

In this song, Elle has just been kissed by Callahan and has resigned herself to believing that she only got this far due to her looks.

After being left high and dry, Elle comes good, and we'd like to think, lives happily ever after having learned the hard way that Warner, the man of her dreams, was not worthy of her, even if she could somehow win him back.

If any criticism can be made of this musical it is that some of the songs are more excellent than others.

, Orfeh, who's stunningly, legally blonde, and the tall, handsome Andy Karl play the irresistible "trailer trash," hopelessly-in-love manicurist, Paulette Bonafonte and the object of her manicured, pedicured lust, Kyle, the UPS guy. "I never understood why she'd be crazy enough to want to be with me," he states. I'd be happy if Orfeh was making millions and I could buy a Mercedes." Orfeh, cracking up, may not think too much of that idea!

Their onstage chemistry is as strong as their offstage chemistry. They opened their eyes and came to the conclusion that we'd make a great team." States Orfeh, "It was just a matter of convincing them I'm not this hard-ass rock chick." Orfeh and Karl may be the embodiment of the old axiom that opposites attract. "Even though I love to work, and I've been lucky to keep working, I'm not one of those persons who says, 'I've got to make the money.' We support each other's career." (He's now pursuing musical-theater composing.) Orfeh's one-word name is not meant as pretension. Mom was big fan of the Michael Camus film, `Black Orpheus' (based on the Orpheus and Eurydice myth and set during Rio's Carnaval).


  1. Directed by Beth McCarthy-Miller, Jerry Mitchell. With Laura Bell Bundy, Christian Borle, Orfeh, Richard H. Blake. Tells the story of Delta Nu Sorority Sister Elle Woods, and her amazing trip in pursuit of sexy man Warner Huntington III. Along the way she meets friends Emmett, Paulette, and all her Delta Nus see her through.

  2. Laurence O'Keefe, Nell Benjamin, Laura Bell Bundy, Christian Borle, Orfeh, Richard H. Blake, Kate Shindle, Leslie Kritzer, Annaleigh Ashford, DeQuina Moore - Legally Blonde 2007. Audio CD July 17, 2007; Original Release Date July 17, 2007; Number of Discs 1; Format Cast Recording; Label GHOSTLIGHT.

  3. Legally Blonde Lyrics Take back the books and pack up the clothes / Clear out the room and drop off the key / Leave with what's left of my dignity / Get in the car and just go / Chalk it all up to.

  4. Shop Legally Blonde, Signed Broadway Playbill + Laura Bell Bundy, Christian Borle, Orfeh, Michael Rupert, Richard H. Blake, Kate Shindle, Nikki Snelson, Nikki Snelson and more music, movie, and TV memorabilia at Amazon's Entertainment Collectibles Store.

  5. Date February 7th, 2007. Location San Francisco Cast Laura Bell Bundy Elle, Christian Borle Emmett, Orfeh Paulette, Richard H. Blake Warner, Kate Shindle Vivienne, Nikki Snelson Brooke, Michael Rupert Professor Callahan, Leslie Kritzer Serena, Annaleigh Ashford Margot, DeQuina Moore Pilar

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