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Asp net calendar not updating

But, I think the Outlook Application’s Item Send event is useful.Keep in mind that for Outlook events, you need to an Adx Outlook Events object to the Add In Module.In fact, I daresay they are not lame at all as they can be quite useful. This is the last example showing you how to create an Outlook appointment. These events are the ones that reside at the top of the calendar: To create one of these, you create an appointment and set All Day Event to True I realize I could have combined this sample with another but I wanted to point it out specifically. I mentioned earlier that some people send meeting responses some don’t.

That includes loading the grid, loading the history table, processing the control clicks, etc.On a page that uses the master page, I have defined a Rad Ajax Manager Proxy, 3 divs with runat="server" and an asp: Panel.I've used divs with runat="server" before with success.As I said before, the correct HTML was being rendered onto the browser.In any case, I changed the next/previous controls from literals to asp: Image Buttons, did their processing in their click event handlers, which occur after Page Load, and it suddenly worked.However, if I click on the next or previous buttons inside div Next Prev, it updates the grid inside pnl Grid correctly, but it does not update the literal control in div History.Inside my Visual Studio debugging session, I can open the rendered page and see the correct, updated html for the rendered page, but in the browser, I see the previous contents of the literal control.To me, unwanted appointments are any that list me as an optional attendee. No sir, we can now blindly accept or reject them and get them off our To Do list.Unlike mail item, appointments don’t have any events specific to them.It’s a great way to automatically include a signature line…Everybody likes the guy that brings the donuts to the meeting. Because it’s enough to cover the basics and get you going with Outlook calendars I’ll hold back and save something for next time.


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