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Avg event history log not updating

A window will pop up asking if you are sure you want to delete this information; click "Yes." Click "History" from the menu once more to finish deleting AVG history. You can also delete a single Virus Vault entry at a time by clicking the entry and then clicking "Delete." A window will pop up asking you to confirm deleting the Virus Vault; click "Yes." Erika Dean has been writing since 2000.

She has published many articles for Demand Studios and enjoys writing about the Microsoft Office Suite, Windows OS, and the Internet (My Space, Facebook, email).

If you use the AVG virus scanner and want to delete the history from AVG, it takes little time to do so. Select "Event History Log" from the drop-down menu.

We have a pool of trained experts and engineers are certified by leading technology companies.The Brand name, trademark, logos , or any company names that are used in this site like Incredi Mail, Thunderbird, Microsoft are of respective companies and they are only for reprsentataion purpose only.We at e do not represent or endorse any third party companies. To delete more than one entry, press the "Control" button while clicking the history entries.Click "Empty list" when the Event History Log opens. Click "Empty Vault" to erase the history of the Virus Vault.Dean has a Bachelor of Arts in English from Winthrop University and is a former English/language arts teacher.AVG, a popular security software firm, has made its distinct mark in the global PC security marketplace.There's a certain amount of upsell when you go to install the free antivirus, but it's much more laid back than, for example, Comodo.If all is well, the circle glows green; if your attention is needed, it changes color.Can some kind soul please tell me where the option to view the results of AVG disk scans lives in the UI - I can't find it for love nor money :-) and searching the web only finds the question asked many times but never answered. Why is it referring to a date that is nearly a month in the past?


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