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It extended from the Pacific Ocean in the west to the eastern side of the Rocky Mountains, and from northern Washington to southern Alaska.All of the waste material, such as stone chips and flakes, produced during the manufacture and repair of stone tools.The source of the rock is an area near Mount Edith Cavell in Jasper Park.Thousands of years ago, these large stones fell onto the surface of the The time period and geographic location of the greatest advance of glacial ice during an ice age.A train of boulders (erratics) more than 600 kilometres long, that runs along the eastern side of the Rocky Mountains in southern Alberta.These rocks were deposited by slow-moving glacial ice and contain clues that have helped scientists to understand the movements of the ice sheets that covered Canada during the ice age.A non-portable object at an archaeological site that was created or modified by humans, such as a hearth or a wall.Features are often visible today only as disturbances in the soil.

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Other stone tools associated with Clovis sites are scrapers, blades, chopping tools and some bone tools.For example, soil colour, texture and composition may be different than the surrounding soil.A stone projectile point from which a flake has been removed from one or both faces, from the base to about 1/3 of the way up the point, creating a central groove or channel that makes it easier to attach the point to a shaft.The Late Wisconsinan Glacial Maximum occurred between about 20,000-18,000 years ago, but the timing of the glacial maximum varies somewhat from one region to another.The mass of ice that covered most of present-day Canada (except British Columbia) and the northern United States during the Late Wisconsinan Glaciation.This includes the material in which the artifact is found (gravel, sand, mud), its horizontal and vertical position within that material, and its association with other artifacts and features.The mass of ice that covered present-day British Columbia and northern Washington State during the last ice age.Artifacts common at Denali Complex sites include microblades, wedge-shaped cores, burins, and bifacial points.Microscopic single-celled algae that grow in fresh and marine water, and can be identified to species from fossil skeletons.At its maximum, this very large ice sheet covered an area of more than 13 million square kilometres.A way of life that relied on the utilization of resources from the sea.


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