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The battalion was the only horse artillery in the United States Army at the time and the designation meant that all unit members rode mounted horses instead of riding on gun carriages.On 17 March 1930, the 82nd Field Artillery Regiment was reactivated and the 82nd Field Artillery Battalion (Horse) was reorganized as the 1st Battalion, 82nd Field Artillery, but lost its designation as (Horse).The 1st Battalion, 82nd Artillery was assigned to the 23rd Infantry Division (Americal) based in Chu Lai, Vietnam.Its assigned batteries were placed at various fire bases located in the Americal Division's area of operations below Da Nang in Southern I Corps.On 15 October 1950, it was inactivated and relieved from assignment to the 1st Cavalry Division.During the Vietnam War, the 3rd Battalion arrived as part of the 196th Light Infantry Brigade in 1966.While with the 196th LIB, it participated in Operation Attleboro I and II, Operation Cedar Falls, Operation Gadsden, and Operation Junction City.

A Battery participated in the July–August 1970 defense of the Special Forces base at Kham Duc where they suffered several casualties.Fifteen unit members were awarded medals for valor in this action including three silver stars.C Battery was located in the Duc Phu area, 4 guns were on a hill (LZ LIZ) and 2 others were on LZ Thunder just south west of Duc Phu.However, Villa was not caught and by 1919 had assembled a sizable force and had initiated several battles against Mexican military troops in an attempt to rally the Mexican people against President Carranza.On the morning of 15 June 1919, Villa's forces attacked Mexican military troops at Fort Hidalgo.The regiment has been involved with American conflicts dating back to then US involvement in the Mexican Civil War and more recently with the War on Terrorism.Currently, there are two active and three inactivate battalions in the regiment.From the First Dragoons was formed the First Cavalry which in turn became the mother of the 24th Cavalry.The 24th Cavalry was organized on 5 June 1917, representing approximately one third of the officers and enlisted men that had made up the First Cavalry. The regiment was then reassigned to Camp Logan and later assigned to Fort Bliss, Texas, and assigned to the 15th Cavalry.Bravo Battery was the last artillery unit to leave Vietnam in 1972.The 1st Battalion, 82nd Artillery was reactivated on 10 January 1968 and arrived in Vietnam on 24 July 1968 with three 155 mm towed howitzer batteries and one 8-inch self-propelled battery.


  1. Iraq has taken control of Baghdad's Green Zone, which served as the headquarters for the US occupiers for six years, marking a milestone on the country's path to restoring sovereignty.

  2. Explore Rania Gharaibeh's board "Traditional Clothing - Iraq" on. Iraqi Women Baghdad Iraq Antique Photos History. Yazidis need international protection zone.

  3. I started this website before I headed out to Baghdad. I lived and worked in the International Green Zone. I can't describe what those brave men and women.

  4. Security in Baghdad's International Zone. said Barnes gave a blue badge to an Iraqi woman he was dating. Activists Boycott Wendy's Over Treatment Of Women.

  5. First direct flight from Iraq to. “Iraq and Russia are linked through historical relations dating back to. A source at Baghdad International Airport said.

  6. Iraqi cleric meets with PM after beginning Green Zone. Sunday night after beginning a sit-in in Baghdad's highly. marks International Women's.

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