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opens on your character, a young scientist heading to your new job which just happens to be on a peanut-shaped island.

You will be Professor Pawpur’s new apprentice - but don’t worry, he’s human. Think of the movie “Super Troopers” and their meow game times ten.

If you ever wondered if you should try dating a cat or not, then this is absolutely the way to find out. Perhaps you should have been looking for cats instead.

Indie, that fantastic bird dating simulator that may have been a gateway drug of sorts for dating simulators to go as far as they want to go, which is why we can now date aliens, cat girls, dinosaurs, and now cats.

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There could be some better explaining on how to cure yourself, as it does seem you have to play several chapters to do so if it’s even possible.You can only romance five times, while research and recon are three times each.You can probably rest as much as you want, though, which may be useful as you might find more things to recon or research when doing resting activities. It takes a lot to make me uncomfortable, and this game made me quite delightfully uncomfortable. Murph is absolutely adorable, playful and fun, and spending time with him means you get to drink a lot and play around - innocently. Though there is a fair amount of nudity - the cats don’t wear clothes. Joking aside, I honestly wasn’t sure this game would work when I first heard of it, but I was pleasantly surprised.You are on the island to research the cats, with your job duties seeming to mainly be capturing and tracking them using your… Any cat pun that could be made will be made, and then some.There is a part of the island you’re not allowed on as it’s strictly forbidden.Full of apparently dangerous cats, Professor Pawpur advises you to never stray into that area.So of course you do, and things just go downhill from there. I’m not going to tell you what the curse is or what it entails as I don’t want to ruin the surprise for anyone else.After being seemingly attacked by the cats in the forbidden area, you wake to find that you are now apparently cursed. Though I will say that it was an adorable twist that I quite liked, and it serves as a wonderful tool to give the game a slight level of urgency as, because of the curse, you’re kind of on a timer to find a cure.Though it doesn’t seem that you can cure yourself on the first attempt, as you are limited to how many times you can do certain task such as: rest, romance, research, or recon.Meow if you’ll excuse me, I have more cats to date! The purrfect game for cat lovers with adorable art and several different endings.If you've ever wanted to date cats, here you go!


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  2. If you want to know what dating sim to play, here's our Top 10 best dating Simulator games ever list to send you on your way.

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