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Best selling books for dating

Those of you who are familiar with my columns here on wikinut or over on bubblews, will know I like to write and share cocktail recipes, with my recommended vodka for these cocktail being absolut vodka.

Well that is up until I purchased a bottle of green mark vodka and it is now firmly my vodka of choice.

While out getting the office supplies a few weeks ago I came across a very good looking deal for green mark vodka in my local Sainsbury's.

The price for a litre of this rather impressive looking vodka had been reduced from £21.00 to £13.00, which seemed like an unbelievable deal.

I was extremely impressed with how well green mark complimented all the other ingredients in all three cocktails and as a result I have now decided that green mark is going to be my future vodka of choice when writing new recipes.

A 48-year-old man believed to be an imam with links to Fetullah Gulen, the cleric Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan blames for a thwarted coup in 2016, has been arrested on a Greek-flagged yacht off Marmaris, according to Anadolu agency.

We have been making toys that make a difference since 1983.

We manufacture our own bubble tubes, projectors, swing frames and swing seats as well as a whole lot more.

After being impressed with how smooth and enjoyable green mark was neat I decided to try it in a couple of cocktails to see how it compared to absolut vodka as a mixer.

I mixed up a Moscow mule (it seemed rude not to since green mark is a Russian vodka), a sea breeze and a blue lagoon.


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