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Blocade backdating

PHP5 has finally been updated and now is now officially available in the 7th flavour having missed out 6 completely - only 7.0 though, no 7.1.

My SQL is gone instead being replaced by Maria DB (think it is just a rebrand though.

We'd considered asking someone with a dishwasher to have a go in that for us but didn't get round to it.

It wasn't till I bought her an new one in advance of our Girona training camp that I could up the braveness without worrying if I busted it.

Go to ' My OSMC, Select ' Pi Config' Scroll down to ' Hardware support' and enable LIRC GPIO: Then select the alternative pins as required I prefer GPIO 4 for the receiver due to it's proximity to the 3.3v and the GND pins.

One of the major annoyances for me working with very large datasets you get from someone else is that you often don't know the format the file is coming in, not a problem really just take a peak in Notepad or Excel and you are away.

The way the in-built function works is that it reports back the answer as how many months apart are the two dates so regardless of the day in the month they fall, any date in May vs any date in June the answer will be one.But quite often these files are millions of rows in length and it is just not possible to work it out.So I've been trying to chip away at the problem for a while and after I finally got past the first stumbling block of having a computer so lock down I couldn't do a thing with it I was still coming up a little short.You'll be glad to know that from this point it is a super easy to get spangly clean then just pops back together and you are ready to go. So you want to rig up your Raspberry Pi OSMC to be controlled by your favourite remote control, easy peasy - it is just a matter of plugging the IR receiver diode in and swith GPIO on in the settings.Dont like the standard pins 17 or 18, no problem - you can change them at teh same time, just follow these instructions.Fair enough I hear you say, so long as you slip away unnoticed that fair enough, but these days I seem to be freely parping with little care who either smells or hears it.It was this which has led to the developement of a scale for measuring oldness based on a measurement of PPP - public parping propensity.I'm usually rubbish at amusing inventive word-play - ask me to come up with a pub quiz name and I'm utterly stumped.This one was easy for me, though I wasn't asked to think of one, the thought just randomly came up in my head This is probably the bain of a lot of cyclist's lives, well the ones that keep their bikes indoors anyhow, despite how careful you are it is just a matter of time before you inadvertantly catch a tyre on the wall as you wheel your bike around.Unfortunately the Powershell - DOS interaction doesn't play nicely with spaces so we have to deal with them somehow as well: Well I suppose it was inevitable, when you suddenly realise you are getting older by the things you catch yourself doing/saying thinking getting more frequent.The latest thing I've noticed is that my propensity to fart in public has increased exponentially!


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