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Here are a few of the websites out there that can help you stay organized on your special day.

RSVPify is a website that helps you manage your wedding guest list for no fee.

This works great, especially if you are using your own website to get the details of your special day to your guests.

Also available, are reminder e-mails sent out to your guests, so they won’t forget your big day.

It’s supposed to be one of the happiest days in a couple’s life; unfortunately, it’s usually filled with stress.

One way you can lift a little of that stress is to streamline your RSVP process by using websites to organize and manage your wedding guests’ RSVPs.

It has all the usual key components you want in an event website.

The one key difference with this website is that you have the ability to actually embed their RSVP tool onto your own personal website.


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