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Brightmail conduit not updating

TECH235737 - Following a OS crash, Messaging Gateway deployed on Hyper-V 2012 may loose network cards TECH235317 - Bounce attack validation causes some messages to fail recipient validation TECH235626 - Strip all attachments action may not occur when message is released from virus quarantine TECH235038 - Mail server restarts with signal 6 at regular intervals TECH234968 - Configuration saved but cannot be published to some SMG hosts TECH234974 - Fan failure alert on the Messaging Gateway 8340 appliance TECH234596 - Some messages become corrupted when Recipient Validation is enabled TECH234540 - Messaging Gateway content filtering dictionary rules fail to match message headers TECH234173 - Messages queue in inbound queue following update to SMG 10.6 TECH233957 - Sending Brightmail Admin Events to remote syslog server cannot be enabled for Control Center only device TECH223693 - DNS DNAME record results in failed message delivery TECH228278 - Using both aliasing and subaddress removal causes Recipient Validation failure TECH230314 - Symantec Messaging Gateway closes network connection prematurely when delivering messages.

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Hoewel dat alweer meer dan twaalf jaar geleden is gebeurd, wordt de oude naam nog steeds genoemd in het product door de toevoeging 'powered by Brightmail'.

Symantec Messaging Gateway 9.5 offers two methods for installing on supported VMware platforms.

You can load the ISO file into a preconfigured virtual machine or you can load the OVF which includes the virtual machine configuration.

This normal upgrade order is mentioned in the Table 1-1 later in this article and also in this other article (in the Step #7): .

To resolve or mitigate this issue, a connection to the Control Center can be established using a browser via the default HTTPS port 41443.


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