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Symantec Messaging Gateway is een product voor het beveiligen van in- en uitgaande mailstromen.

Het borduurt voort op Brightmail, dat in 2004 werd overgenomen door Symantec.

Messaging Gateway 10.6.0 Release Notes Messaging Gateway 10.6.1 Release Notes Messaging Gateway 10.6.2 Release Notes Messaging Gateway 10.6.3 Release Notes Messaging Gateway 10.6.4 Release Notes Issues addressed with 10.6.0-5 patch release: TECH233732 - "Disable support for SSLv3" cannot be unchecked after upgrade to 10.6.0-3 TECH233811 - Failure to build certificate chains following update to SMG 10.6 TECH232996 - Messages are not delivered from Messaging Gateway following update to version 10.6 Issues addressed with 10.6.0-7 patch release: TECH233869 - When SSLv3 option is disabled, SMG fails to negotiate ciphers on outgoing STARTTLS requests with MTAs that use only TLS1.0 protocol TECH233919 - After upgrading to Messaging Gateway 10.6.0 you cannot edit any scanner's settings TECH233477 - Setting disarm logging level at INFO or DEBUG can cause repeated msserver crashes TECH233694 - DNS resolution failure messages in the mail server log TECH233695 - Failure to detect CPU internal temperature on SMG 8340 (R210-II) platforms TECH233823 - Received header omits hostname following update to Messaging Gateway 10.6 TECH233872 - Recipient validation rejects uncached recipients with 550 response when LDAP source is unavailable TECH234165 - Delivery status notifications for failed or delayed messages may be incorrect, or marked as malformed Issues addressed with 10.6.1-3 patch release Addresses issues related to Security Advisory SYM16-007 Issues addressed with 10.6.1-4 patch release Addresses issues related to Security Advisory SYM16-010 Outstanding Issues TECH234596 - Some messages become corrupted in Symantec Messaging Gateway 10.6 when Recipient Validation is enabled.

TECH234968 - Configuration saved but can not be published to some SMG hosts TECH235317 - Bounce attack validation causes out of office messages to fail recipient validation TECH235330 - Office 365 rejects DSNs generated by content filtering actions TECH235404 - Command line 'delete scannerlogs' does not delete all audit log data TECH235409 - Time used for America/Santiago time zone is off by one hour TECH235411 - End user spam quarantine does not show full subject lines Issues addressed with 10.6.2-3 maintenance release Addresses issues related to security advisory SYM16-015 TECH234776 - Attempting to change Directory Integration Data Source configuration results in an invalid credentials error.

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TECH232869 - Message Audit Logs show incorrect characters at the end of Russian email subject lines TECH233872 - Recipient validation rejects uncached recipients with 550 response when LDAP source is unavailable TECH233111 - Log settings are not taking effect when saved from Remote logging UI TECH233114 - TECH234530 - Application error when copying a favorite report with a long name.Use one of the Symantec Messaging Gateway 9.5 is the upgrade to previous versions of Symantec Brightmail Gateway and Symantec Mail Security 8300 Series Appliance Software.All functionality of Symantec Brightmail Gateway 9.0 is maintained unless otherwise noted.This is the result of a change to the virus definition designation in the Live Update Administrator Product Catalog for the Symantec Messaging Gateway.The June 25th 2011 update to the Live Update Administrator product catalog contains the new product designator for Symantec Messaging Gateway.You can then revert your Symantec Messaging Gateway Live Update settings to point back at your internal Live Update Administrator address.Currently, an application error may appear when accessing the Control Center after upgrade to 9.5.TECH240607 - Message acceptance has a several second delay for new external recipients TECH229169 - SMG 10.5 Content Filtering/Verity doesn't recognize autocad 2013 files TECH240608 - PDF files created with Microsoft Print to PDF feature cannot be scanned for content TECH240609 - When a limited Admin only has rights to the Quarantine Incident folders and not the Informational Incident folders the default page when logging in is still the Informational Incident page and an error is displayed TECH235660 - Annotation not working with Simplified Chinese GB2312 TECH235411 - End user quarantine does not show mouseover for truncated subject lines TECH236466 - Swap utilization alerts and high %iowait TECH240612 - 'cc-config limit-tlsv1.1 --off' does not return to TLS1.2 default state TECH236081 - MTA clutters info level logs with thread set name messages TECH236014 - Error: Unexpected data found when parsing Invalid Recipient header TECH235295 - Cannot add IDN cc TLD domain to Local Bad Sender Domains TECH236720 - Email stops when using remote syslog over TCP to offline syslog server Outstanding Issues TECH246693 - Updates from 10.6.0 to 10.6.2 fail TECH246795 - Some Message Audit Log searches return Application Error TECH247106 - PDF attachments have fonts stripped by Disarm TECH247136 - DKIM signatures missing signature expiration tag TECH247327 - Malware Summary report does not match report legend TECH247047 - Searching Spam Quarantine using the From: filter returns no results TECH247702 - PDF files accumulate in /tmp Issues addressed with the 10.6.4 release Addresses issues related to security advisory SYM17-016 TECH248272 - CLI command 'delete alllogs' hangs on dedicated Control Center TECH247950 - CAS server precedence is not respected TECH247828 - Subject modification may make some Japanese message subjects unreadable TECH247827 - Spam quarantine does not accept some messages TECH247826 - Local Good Sender policy not applied to some messages TECH247958 - Some malformed messages took a very long time to scan TECH247960 - 'mta-control all active-routes' command returns nothing TECH248043 - Cross Site Scripting warning when logging into End User View TECH248042 - Some browsers do not trust signed certificates generated by Messaging Gateway TECH248041 - Backups fail for some large databases TECH248040 - Scheduled reports sometimes fail with Currently, an application error displays when the system attempts to download virus definitions from an internally deployed Live Update Administrator server after upgrade to 9.5.If you add a 9.0.2 scanner to a 9.5 Control Center and upgrade the scanner to 9.5 during scanner addition, an error message will display in the Brightmail Log indicating that the software update has failed. You may experience errors or failure when attempting to add an instance of Symantec Messaging Gateway 9.5 to Symantec Protection Center 2.0.This can be resolved by making sure that the Symantec Protection Center and Symantec Messaging Gateway Control Center system clocks are synchronized.


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