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California penal code intimidating witness

Unfortunately, however, Susan's mental problems had not resolved.In 1982, Polk divorced his wife, prominent concert pianist Sharon Mann, and married Susan, a woman literally half his age who could physically threaten Felix.Susan and Felix eventually had three sons: Gabriel, Eli, and Adam.Two of the children testified that Susan was mentally unstable and habitually spoke of murdering their father.

Her parents were divorcing and her mother wondered if Susan was trying to shut out the emotional turmoil of the divorce.

Also during her trial, Susan's unnaturally close relationship with her son Eli raised many concerns and questions of a possible incestuous relationship. Susan had abandoned her children, her husband, and her home, and she was looking for a place to live in Montana.

Felix Polk went to court and was awarded custody of their youngest son and retained exclusive control of the house.

After murdering her husband, Susan would claim that he was a domineering and manipulative husband, obsessed with controlling her life.

During her trial, however, no evidence nor eyewitness accounts supported Susan's allegations; however, Susan's own children and police reports filed during the marriage showed that Susan was an abusive spouse and batterer.


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