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These forms are the regular Jungle Biome, the Mountainous Jungle Biome, the Jungle Edge Biome, and the Mountainous Jungle Edge Biome.

Normally, you will very rarely see the Jungle Edge variants of the Biome, but they are hardly noticeable as Jungles when you do see them.

As the rainforest and jungle in real life are dense in terms of plant life, these Leaf Blocks on the floor are meant to simulate a bush you would find in the real-life equivalent.

Having a base composed of four blocks that extend upward as far as the tree does, these Large Jungle Trees contain plenty of wood for collecting resources.

These features can come in the form of mobs, new blocks, structures, items, and other various things along those lines.

When players see these new Biomes for the first time, they can easily be very hesitant in experimenting with the environment, as it may or may not have repercussions.

Jungle trees come in two variants, Small and Large.

Jungle Trees are usually covered in Vines, which are completely climbable by the player.


  1. The jungle cat Felis chaus, also called the reed cat or swamp cat, is a medium-sized cat native to the Middle East, South and Southeast Asia and southern China. It is listed as Least Concern on the IUCN Red List. It is a member of the genus Felis and was first described by Johann Anton Güldenstädt in 1776.

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  3. The Highlander is an experimental breed of cat. The unique appearance of the Highlander comes from the deliberate cross between the Desert Lynx and the Jungle Curl breeds, also recently developed. The latter of these has some non-domestic ancestry from two Asian small cat species, the leopard cat and jungle cat.

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  5. The Amazon rainforest also known in English as Amazonia or the Amazon Jungle, is a moist broadleaf forest in the Amazon biome that covers most of the Amazon basin of South America. This basin encompasses 7,000,000 km2 2,700,000 sq mi, of which 5,500,000 km2 2,100,000 sq mi are covered by the rainforest.

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