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Fuji • Safari Zone Warden • Copycat • Primo Pokémon Fan Club Chairman • Celio • Lostelle • Teala • Selphy • Cal • Steven Stone • Maylene • Cameron • Mr. Professor Juniper • Mom (BW) • Mom (B2W2) • Cheren • Bianca • Bianca's father • Hugh • Cedric Juniper • Fennel • Amanita Cilan • Chili • Cress • Lenora • Hawes • Loblolly • Charles • Iris • Drayden • Alder • Benga • Curtis • Yancy • Brycen • Sabrina • Pop Roxie Hilbert • Hilda • Nate • Rosa • Ingo • Emmet • Cynthia • Morimoto • Nishino • Looker • N • Colress • Ghetsis • Pokémon Fan Club Chairman Team Plasma • Clyde • Gym Leaders • Elite Four • PWT participants • Name Rater • Day-Care Couple • Judge • Magikarp salesman Professor Oak • Mom • Blue • Daisy • Old man • Bill • Mr.She, after not seeing him for two years, will also be reunited with Cheren in Aspertia City. You can use the Dowsing Machine to find places where items are hidden. She appears several times throughout the game, generally running errands for Professor Juniper, such as looking for Tynamo in Chargestone Cave. Of that's what I want to do, I'm gonna have to know a lot about Pokémon. It looks like Pokémon distribution has really changed compared to two years ago, so the more, the merrier! But this little one is still weak, so battle with it and make it stronger! And then, how cool it would be to research on Pokémon like Professor Juniper... Anyway, I just happen to have another Pokédex on me! And you just set off on your journey with your Pokémon! Mesprit is a Pokémon that presides over emotion, right?

Austin and his wife Bianca have recently been on holiday in Barbados, and are returning on Monday after some time in the sun.

She is described as being 'flighty' by Professor Juniper and Cheren; though she also has a strong side, as shown when she embarks on a Pokémon journey despite her father's strong opposition.

This is emphasized in Nimbasa City, where her father disallows her to become a Pokémon Trainer.

Southampton star Charlie Austin accused of "cheating" by wife Bianca on Twitter - but not everything is as it seems.

Charlie Austin's wife Bianca was involved in a bit of a Twitter mix-up after accusing her husband of "cheating".


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