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In other words, have you sent mail to someone who's not supposed to be the one the letter was sent to? Everyone - well, life is getting boring and I am tired of putting poems here. If anyone wants to continue by Email, feel free to mail me: [email protected] Nicole G--You must live in a bad neighbourhood to get stoned. I started this, I acknowledge it, and I'm withdrawing right now. I can't make it stop -- this is all my fault -- I can make myself stop. Nicholett- you cant go around condemning people YOUR not god. Also, adam & eve came up in the bible and the bibles younger than the concept of god. your convictions, I get that every day, I have been stoned two times by christian gangs. Well, I just wanted to say good luck in everything you do. Thursday, January 21, 1999 at (EET) Angelfire You know what? Sunday, January 17, 1999 at (EET) Jane Hung Hannah-- Sorry. We will announce the Member of the Year for the previous period shortly. They threw me into the river, but the vomit started to dissect and turn into piranhas. The piranhas ate me up, and I dreamed that one ate my brain and I lived forever in that piranha's stomach. "Come sit with me." She started rocking her in the chair (it wasn't a rocking chair though...don't ask me how she did it! I hope you guys out there all have a great New Year 1999!

You can feel sorry for them, and wish it different, but you should probably realize that if they're into Witchcraft (or anything else for that matter, don't want to offend anyone), then they've probably already tried being a Christian, and it didn't work for them. It's mostly for my poetry, so if you like my poetry you'll like my page. Tuesday, January 19, 1999 at (EET) Romeo You looking for a man that will love you you don't have to whery because you fond that man. Anyone know a chemist shop in Singapore that sells chemicals for making crystals? Sunday, January 17, 1999 at (EET) Hannah Jane Hung--Oh my goodness, it is soooooo annoying when I go to check my work. I've been thinking about changing my name to something like...oh, I don't know... (Read that as Just Me.) Sunday, January 17, 1999 at (EET) Angelfire Oh, I know how that is. If you go to look at her works, you see like seventeen items, when really all she's written is two. I have just discovered that I can use the live chatroom! Saturday, January 16, 1999 at (EET) Grim and how come TYWC is always a day ahead??!!???? Then suddenlly Im out of my body and I truly feel free. Actually, you kinda reminded me of it with your piranha story, Emili. It was the best feeling ever, better than hatred or envy or joy. I won't even kill the spiders myself--I have to get someone else to. :) I was walking through out hallway that leads to the family room. Friday, January 15, 1999 at (EET) Hannah I had a dream last night where my family went to Chicago, to an amusement park. Friday, January 15, 1999 at (EET) Desdemona I had a dream last night, this is how I remember it: I was sitting on a ramp with some other people, boys and girls and an adult woman. We left my mother in a circular dome-shaped room and went to a kitchen/cafeteria type thing to eat. ALL-- Anyone want to chat on the live chatroom oneday??? The few remaining ones need more manual attention (! All megabytes have been set to zero so the new period can now begin. D'ya have to submit stories and poems all the time??? ANd Donna's keeping me awake with her screaming she's havin' a pajama party. Then I remember how the dream goes so and I stand up and jump up and down three times and I wake up. I was wandering around, just looking at everything. When we came back, someone was waiting for us and said that a wall of salt water had broken through the room my mother was in and engulfed her and now she was ill. Thursday, January 14, 1999 at (EET) Emily8 Hannah - No, really. Anything sent to TYWC from now on counts towards the period Jan-July 1999. 1998 will be annonced shortly, possibly in the upcoming issue of Global Wave. Tuesday, January 12, 1999 at (EET) Writeon I just tried to go into the Live Chat Room thing, and I was able to get into it, but I was the only one there! That is way uncool Speaking of weird dreams and speaking of Florida... I have that same dream everytime and I've moved houses and cities and states many times but I'm always in that same room... In all my worst nightmares, the people I love are dead or dying and I wake up with tears soaking my pillow. That's at least one reason I think NZ is one of the best countries in the world. You know, 'I'll let you go, but only if you stop all that you're doing...' But then again, who's to say he would listen? No one can tell you otherwise, and I'm sorry that I said you should know when to keep your mouth shut. Like Grim, and Yea-Joon, and Silent Reverie, and T. Thursday, January 21, 1999 at (EET) Dwarf Jane Hung--- Thanx for the information. I just wanted to say, if anyone wants to e-mail anyone, e-mail me at [email protected] The program sometimes returns items by other people and actually misses some too! I've visited it like, a thousand times, but no one seems to be in it... Look for my story "Two Boys and A Crystal Ball." (I just sent it in today.) That was taken from a recent dream. But my weirdest dream was when I was elected Prime Minister of England. The citizens of Englands actually liked high taxes though, and they mutinied. (I know this is an activity, but it's nice to..know, COMMENT on them! (as in nightmare, not as in your plans for the future) I added this as an activity, but I have a feeling it'll take a while to put it in the Activities. Of course, you get the odd mad person, but that doesn't count... But trying to press your beliefs onto other people IS wrong. C., and oh, I don't know, anyone else who came along. I live somewhere near Chinatown - not exactly, though! Wednesday, January 20, 1999 at (EET) Grim Though, you aren't talking to me Romeo, you can't spell. (hehe) Tuesday, January 19, 1999 at (EET) Grim Just wanted everyone to know I have started a web page. I am aware of the problem and will try to fix it as best I can when time permits. Saturday, January 16, 1999 at (EET) Delvain Cherite Angerlie Any thing I ever stated about love I now withdwall. It didnt matter if loves an illusion,or if its tempory or permanent, It didnt matter cuz of the pure fact that I love him. Saturday, January 16, 1999 at (EET) Delvain Cherite Angerlie Any thing I ever stated about love I now withdwall. It didnt matter if loves an illusion,or if its tempory or permanent, It didnt matter cuz of the pure fact that I love him. Saturday, January 16, 1999 at (EET) Nicholett Would anyone like to set up a chat day and time? I checked the tax rates and was dismayed to discover that they were 20%, so I appointed Vice Prime Minister CZ Warnes (Zobocop or C. Besides, I think Kellie Mc Dermott is a really good pseudonym, I may use it if I grow up and become famous. If I do change, I'll wait till the megabytes are totaled cause I don't want to lose what I've got now. Speaking of hair I have a new shampoo and it gives me bouncy hair! ) Anyway, I'm 13, I'm from the US, I live in New York. When he started killing Jews, I think he must have gone power-crazy. If they want to let him live, then they should go ahead. Too bad I dont rave, I just get sick and tired of christians telling me im going to hell, or that I have to be good cuse some guy who I never saw tells some one I have to. Stop your convictions cuse I dont care and by the last line in my last message I mean we will all find out. Sunday, January 17, 1999 at (EET) Jane Hung Hannah-- There should be one along somewhere in Thiong Bharu(I don't know if I spelled it right.) Whereabouts do you live, I do know quite a few in Singapore. Used to live in Singapore, probably will go back in awhile. HOPEFULLY SO, 'CAUSE I CHECKED UP THE WORLD CLOCK FOR SINGAPORE. Why doesn't aynone seem to be popping into TYWC that often??? Emili Marisol-My weirdest dream would be about the aliens and the vomit flowing from their hands. Then I saw this little girl in a nightgown who looked like Annie come in and start jumping up and down in front of BJ. And of course we always count down to midnight (but we never know which clock is correct, so we go by the one we can see easiest). There was a Polar Plunge in where I live, Kingston. Looking for a market for your poety, short fiction, or creative essays? Or have you ever sent mail to someone, and then it was "transferred" to someone else's Inbox? I sent a letter to someone and it was sent to someone else which was not the someone I wanted to send the letter to. I can only say things from a NZ point of view, but here you can go anywhere regardless of race, gender, size, religion etc, and feel perfectly safe. I have threats on my life always, I just show them my pentagram and walk proudly away. Nichollette, you have every right to state your beliefs. I would really love to talk to some of my favorite people in here--even though it wouldn't be a real conversation unless we went to the chat room. Thursday, January 21, 1999 at (EET) Holodeck Lett your writing be your guide. I meant to write Canada, but wrote Illionois instead. Aurora mentioned the problem with getting a list of your work. ) and singing the "Mother, Mother, I love ya, Mother," song to her. Just a sample of my very very very very VERY strange dreams! OK, you guys, what's been your most embarrassing moment? " Well, I guess it'll have to be something like chocolate(Snickers, Mars bars or...) or actually, maybe chips! It was mostly for little kids, then I saw a passageway that was blocked by chairs. My mom had put the chairs there so the babies couldn't get in. I saw this book I've been wanting to get FOREVER (in real life), called "Voyage On the Great Titanic." I looked all around it, but there was no price tag on it, just a bunch of kids' names written inside the cover. I went to another room in the building and my mother was sitting in a high chair with a bib around her neck, only she didn't like my mother anymore, she looked like an old, old woman and she was crying. Thursday, January 14, 1999 at (EET) Hannah Emily8--Emily8, I had a conversation with my best friend yesterday. (It was in the evening anyway.) More kids should start using the Live Chat Room in the evening. Every year my goes there I have the strange weird dream. I'm sitting in my room crying because we're not in Florida and the suddenly I remember and I say, "Hey! But my weirdest dream, my absolute, happened about three days after I moved into my new house in Florida. "Mom, I think this is a library, not a bookstore," I said. I don't want to have to drive all the way to Chicago to return it." "Oh, fine, just shut up," my mom said. ) So I borrowed the book, then on the way home I threw up all over it. By the way, my dream-based story, "Two Boys and A Crystal Ball," has been published! Then someone came rushing in and said my email provider (care-mail) had stopped providing email! Tuesday, January 12, 1999 at (EET) Hannah OK, I had this dream once where I came home from school (I'm really homeschooled, but I dream I went to public school) and my parents were packing suitcases. I don't know why, but in the dream I just HAD to get 10 books. All these people were standing around, telling me which one to pick.


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