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The clip, narrated by the show's Special Effects Supervisor Sam Conway, takes fans behind-the-scenes on the Game of Thrones set, where 'gas, water, smoke, wind, pyrotechnics, and blood' are all brought to life.

Conway says the process begins with the visual effects team telling him the image that they are trying to create.

It’s a classic Chicago contrast of destruction and regeneration, one that will come into sharp focus Monday as the Cubs play their home opener at historic Wrigley Field. From many of the east-facing guest rooms in the handsome new Hotel Zachary across the street from Wrigley Field, you can peer through a gap in the ballpark’s steel superstructure and see parts of the ivy-covered brick outfield wall and the field’s green grass. Archaeologists turned up remnants of the World’s Columbian Exposition of 1893, the fabled White City that drew millions of visitors to Chicago’s Jackson Park, as they scoured the site of the Obama Presidential Center and nearby parkland as part of the federal review of plans for the proposed complex.... While architects admire its strength, economy and ability to be sculpted into organic shapes, the public is generally cool to the material, thinking it has all the charm of a parking garage.

'',in Autoplay Countries=!It's unlikely anyone actually thinks that Game of Thrones uses real dragons on the show - but it's also unlikely that anyone knows just how absurd the magical flying beasts look before they end up on your television screen.A new clip released to Game of Thrones' You Tube channel reveals the tricks that go into creating the show's variety of special effects - and just how different things look before computer-generated imagery (CGI) is added.


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