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Couple dating buy domains

I think it would also be very beneficial if keyword traffic volumes were taken into account when considering a domain name purchase.If you came across two domains that you liked, all else equal, the keywords with the higher search volumes might be a better choice.A lucrative pursuit, if you choose the right names.Let's take a look at how domineering strategy can be applied to SEO. Frank is one of the biggest domaineers on the planet, and an articulate advocate of this strategy.If you check Yahoo & Google backlinks, there are none (currently).The domain was also registered only a couple weeks ago, 9/17/2008.

people type a keyword into the address bar and add on the end.I agree with the point made, but in this instance I'm not sure you can guarantee a like-for-like comparison by comparing the sites performance in this way.Aaron / Peter, I've just tried posting a comment to the 'buying links' post and I kept being directed to: ...which failed to allow me to login..I being dumb here?She ranks higher ONLY because of domain name exact match. Hi Motion, Surely that's an over-simplification of the situation.Remember Page Rank is not the be all and end all...Finally, such a name retains an element of unique branding.These types of domain names score high on the rank-ability and link-ability meter.I've never seen verifiable proof that domain names do anything directly.Perhaps someone smarter than me can provide evidence? One was a nice a/b split test from a week ago...quite stunning proof. @somerandomseoguy Google most definitely gives weight to keywords in the domain name.Then you register it and got a domain name that got penalized before? This pieces puts everything in one place, so I'm grateful to see I went with the right advice. You the Man : )I disagree with the statement that I see posted here and on several other SEO blogs "Google tends to give weight to keywords in the domain name". It is my finding that domain names themselves do not pull much weight in Google, the domain just creates a “halo effect”, boosting the ranking indirectly.Sounds very unlikely of course, but maybe this is something to look out for if you're registering a domain name and are happy that genericname DOTcom is still available? Google provides keyword highlighting of the domain name in the SERPs, thereby increasing clicks.


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