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Other families have realized that the "courtship" model is an maze of unexplored definitions, and find themselves taking wrong turn after wrong turn. While the Bible doesn't offer a formula for getting to the altar, it has much to say about the maturity, vision, and love that make a marriage beautiful and powerful, from the very first day. Join Geoffrey Botkin and his wife Victoria, David Botkin and his wife Nadia, and Benjamin Botkin and his wife Audri for a six-part series on courtship and preparation for marriage.Ben, Audri, David, & Nadia share their stories and lessons they’ve learned while seeking to answer the question, "Should I marry this person?One woman recently told me how a man she had known years before in college, with whom she was currently taking a course, flirted with her for a couple of weeks before finally asking her to have dinner with him one evening after class. The conversation was going great, until he mentioned that he had a serious girlfriend in his hometown. Some men wait a week or more before calling a woman they’ve been set up with, or sometimes they never bother to call.Some men refuse to travel outside of their immediate neighborhood to date.Without the option of casual, commitment-free companionship, they would be forced to get serious about relationships, marriage and family building.

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Ladies, this book will get your ‘romantic pilot light’ turned ON, and you’ll go from mere boy watching to Dating, Mating and Manhandling, in no time! The book comes complete with AMAZING bonuses, a free tele-class, my seal of approval…and cupids blessing!

The take-away from the article, and the current reality, is that women looking for serious relationships have two choices: play along and hope for the best, or stay at home and grow old watching old romance movies. The Midrash, a Talmudic commentary on the Torah, explains that it was as a result of the proactive efforts of righteous women that the Jewish people survived the Egyptian bondage to be redeemed.

After more than 200 physically and spiritually demoralizing years of slavery, the men no longer had the strength or desire to bring new Jewish lives into the world. But the women still held strongly to the promise of redemption and, with much effort, convinced their men to continue building the nation.

One woman, who lives in Baltimore, told me how a man who lives in Manhattan refused to come meet her in Teaneck, NJ – 10 minutes away!

– insisting that he would only date her if she came into the city.


  1. Podcast lite Download Duration — 34.4MB Embed. What is Love Part 2 is a continuation from last week's message. In any relationship, there must be clarity of motive, roles and expectations. Without clarity, there is no basis for making progress. Motives Intentions are very important and if not properly defined.

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