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Many times, Asians were not even allowed to testify in court.Perhaps the most infamous episode of anti-Asian racism was the unjustified imprisonment of Japanese Americans during World War II -- done solely on the basis of their ethnic ancestry.Combined with the cultural stereotype of Asian Americans as quiet, weak, and powerless, more and more Asian Americans are victimized, solely on the basis of being an Asian American.Perhaps the most graphic and shocking incident that illustrates this process was the murder of Vincent Chin in 1982.Second, the judge in the case sentenced each man to only two years probation and a ,700 fine -- absolutely no jail time at all.The judge defended these sentences by stating that his job was to fit the punishment not just to the crime, but also to the perpetrators.Justice Breyer filed a concurring opinion, in which Justice Sotomayor joined.Chief Justice Roberts filed a dissenting opinion, in which Justices Scalia, Thomas and Alito joined.

Nitz (the one who held Vincent down) was acquitted.

As the section on Asian American history discussed, numerous acts of discrimination against Chinese immigrants culminated in the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882.

For the first and so far only time in American history, an entire ethnic group was singled out and forbidden to step foot on American soil.

Among other rulings, the Court has forbidden the death penalty for minors who commit murders, and it has barred a sentence of life in prison without a chance of release for minors who commit crimes in which the victim is not killed.

In this new ruling, the Court avoiding imposing such a flat ban on life without parole for a minor who commits murder, but it did rule out such a sentence as a mandatory requirement in all such cases.


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  2. Oct 31, 2017. With gay men significantly more likely to meet partners online, they're also more vulnerable. Alleged Grindr Serial Killer Charged With Eight More Attacks. The FBI does tracks online-dating fraud and sexual exploitation, both of which are on the rise. The spike could be related to better reporting and tracking.

  3. May 13, 2015. An Aussie woman named Sharon Siermans was the single mother of a four-year-old son when she met Jason John Dinsley online. What she didn't know was that Dinsley had over 100 prior criminal convictions, including rape at knifepoint. After a first date, she did not ask Dinsley for a second date, which.

  4. Oct 9, 2017. Online dating has sparked violence in the United Kingdom with the number of crimes committed in connection to it increasing almost fivefold.

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