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Cupid one dating service

If you’re composing your profile on the site itself, the odds are good you’ll lose all your work when you hit “submit”.

For more tips on writing an irresistible profile, go here.

Korean Cupid has an “Interest” section for choosing your favorite activities, food, music, sports, etc…You’ll want to choose a few options from the extensive menu, as any shared interest could help forge a connection with a potential match.

Plus, you don’t want her to think you’re a boring guy with nothing interesting going on his life.

The heart wants what it wants, and if an exotic look gets your motor running, it’s natural to think about trying an Asian dating site.

That said, some international dating sites are better than others, and some are outright scams.

Many women on the site aren’t native English speakers, so you’ll want to keep your profile (and messages) simple and straightforward.

PRO TIP: To make sure your profile will sound good to her, use Google Translate to translate it into Korean.

Korean Cupid is geared toward marriage-minded guys who are willing to trek across the pond for someone special.

Here is an example of a profile that works well for an international site like Korean Cupid: One word of caution: Write your profile in a separate document, then copy/paste it into the form fields.

Korean Cupid times out after a few minutes of inactivity, and the site does not register you typing in the free form boxes as activity.

Your Korean Cupid profile consists of 5 sections, the first 4 of which are answered via pull down menus. Making all your selections from the pull down menus is a breeze.

The meat and potatoes of your profile is the last section: Writing a profile for an international dating site is different than what you’d use for a site like or Ok Cupid.


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