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Daniel Gibson, a former American professional basketballer, is known for his incredible play in the NBA.He played for the Cleveland Cavaliers for 7 seasons.She’s somebody who, although we’ve been through a lot, she’s somebody who I consider a friend. So what are Gibson’s thoughts on that very crazy, and seemingly short-lived relationship? “You know, with what happened between us, we’ve been separated. But at the end of the day, I always want what’s best for her and my son. Kellan, who is also an underwear model for Calvin Klein, definitely knows what he's looking at first in women as he reveals his favorite body part of a woman.Apparently, the thing that captures Kellan's attention isn't what you'd normally think, as this heartthrob is all about facial features.For those who haven’t heard, the word is that Daniel ‘Boobie’ Gibson and Keyshia Cole are an item.We have no idea how the two first met one another, but those in the know claim that the two are more than just friends at this point.

After 20 years of dating plenty of models, but remaining a bachelor, Leonardo Di Caprio told CBS This Morning that his priorities when looking for a relationship include “humility, a sense of humour and not a lot of drama”.The wedding ceremony was filmed and aired on their new BET reality TV series Keyshia and Daniel: Family First, on October 9 and 16, 2012. Keyshia, who was also rumored to have been in a relationship with Floyd Mayweather, seems to have moved on as she was reportedly seen on a date with an anonymous. pic.twitter.com/De Pic D79wb — Love & Hip Hop (@Love Hip Hop VH1) September 18, 2017 Besides this, no official information of Daniel Gibson's other relationship is out yet.But, unfortunately, the couple's relationship ended after Keyshia announced and confirmed that she and Gibson had broken up on March 21. Keyshia claimed that Gibson cheated on her which led to the end of their married life. The official Twitter account of Love & Hip Hop revealed that Daniel aka Booby babysits his son while Keyshia is out on her blind date. But, he has been rumored to be in a lot of relationships.In a new chat with Sister2Sister, Gibson was asked about being seen “out with your wifey” for the first time in a very long time, and while he wouldn’t say that they’re working things out, he does say that they are on better terms and are getting “kind of close” again. We haven’t fell back into anything else, but definitely, the feelings are a little different these days.” But before they could get on better terms, they were on very shaky ground. I take full responsibility for a lot of the stuff that went on.“It was more of a thing where…at the end of the day, she’s my friend. And not only that, but Cole was low-key dating Birdman of all people (and not to mention fighting and grinding on grand pianos for him) after their separation. It’s only right and natural that she would move forward with something else. However, this was not the end of Gibson's relationship. He recently shared a post on his Instagram that was captioned "Couple Vibes." Let's take a look. .this point forward I’m posting all the dope couples vibessss i see, until i find me a Rollie, & we can do it. #Boobybaby #Couples Vibesss #i Love #Booby Gang #Late Nightsin Boobys World A post shared by Daniel "Booby" Gibson (@boobygang) on Well, his Twitter and Instagram updates have raised the curiosity of many.Sadly, Gibson has not disclosed much about his current relationship. Well, even though he doesn't talk about his dating and relationships in a statement, he surely does share his love life indirectly through his Twitter posts. It seems his search for the new love has ended as he has already hinted about someone special in his life through the social media. There are many who are curious to know exactly about what's going on his love life. Hope that he will reveal his new girlfriend's identity soon.WENN We told you earlier this week that at the premiere of Keyshia Cole’s new reality show, “Keyshia Cole: All In,” Daniel Gibson came through to show his support to his estranged wife.Lately, it seems as though the pair are reconnecting, and it looks like there might be a chance for reconciliation down the line. So she asked if I wanted to come and I was like ‘Sure, I’ll be there to support you.’ We’re getting kind of close.I can’t have any control over who or what she does outside of me, because we both had our own thing going on. You may have heard whispers along these lines a few days ago, but it’s only in recent hours that a reliable source has said anything on the situation.


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