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Daniel kelly degrassi dating redating an ex

This and so much more unfolds as the senior students prepare for graduation and prom, and the grade niners work to forge their place at Degrassi. is struggling at home and searches for an excuse to escape Jenna and baby Tyson.

Season 11 of Degrassi tackles many issues that are relevant to today’s teens, including gang violence, drug abuse, bullying, gender identity, sexuality, teen parenthood and romance. A grounded Drew suspects that Bianca is being unfaithful and goes to extreme measures to learn the truth. Chris and is determined to follow him to Africa for ‘Doctors Without Borders’—but does he share Anya’s feelings? Connor is curious about girls and develops an unhealthy obsession.

After Child Services investigates baby Tyson’s fall, Jenna and K. reach a breaking point and consider putting their son up for adoption. Oh and Mo takes it upon himself to play matchmaker.

Meanwhile, Clare continues to obsess over Eli—can they both forgive and forget?

Eli is writing Degrassi’s new school play—but after a bout of writers block, he’s convinced his anti-anxiety meds are to blame. is getting a bit too close with his co-worker Marisol– what about Jenna?

To please his mom, Riley goes on a date with a girl and Zane thinks Riley is seeing another guy. Eli continues to suffer from writers block—but with the help of Imogen, he tosses his meds and confronts his emotions head on. is falling for Marisol— will Jenna find out the truth? Chris and Toronto U, Anya hits rock bottom and will do anything to to escape her troubles.

Degrassi’s 11th season kicks off with an unforgettable one-hour spring break special!

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Clare sets her sights on new student Jake and their relationship goes through some unexpected twists and turns; K. and Jenna struggle to survive teenage parenthood; Drew is determined to save Bianca from gang life; meanwhile, Holly J faces her own mortality as she continues her fight back to health.A closeted Riley is forced to choose between Zane and his family. Charlie moves into Fiona’s loft, but may have brought some little critters with her.Meanwhile, Connor is caught in the most awkward of situations.Dave and Adam audition to co-host Degrassi’s new radio show—but is Dave able to work with someone who is transgender?Fiona is not fitting in at school and focuses all her attention on her new crush, Charlie.Meanwhile, Clare needs a non-boy related activity and applies for the school newspaper.After his transphobic rant on-air, Dave is kicked off Degrassi’s radio show and tension runs high between him and Adam.Feeling ashamed of his body, Adam considers chest reconstruction surgery.Meanwhile, a smitten Imogen hatches a plan to help Eli get over Clare.Yet despite the many challenges of high school, the characters rally against adversity, learn from their mistakes, and still find the joys in adolescence together—even when they least expect it. Fiona is desperate for romance and crushes hard on a new girl. Meanwhile, Drew meets with his lawyer to discuss his manslaughter case.Meanwhile, a heartbroken Sav is depressed over his ex—can he get out of his funk? Clare feels Eli is taking their breakup way too easy and demands some answers. Drew is debilitated by his fear of Vince and Bianca is determined to make things right.


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