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Dating a metrosexual man

While previously the preserve of truckers, woodsmen, and the homeless, beards and moustaches are now firmly part of the manly make-up that metrosexuals use to make themselves adorable, and to adore themselves.

The city boys and young professionals, with generous disposable incomes and exposure to such decadent markets of lifestyle and luxury, promising them looks, love and success if they choose brand X, or spray cologne Y before going to the office.With this liberation brought a key, a key to open many locked minds.To try drugs, to experiment with the same sex, to write poetry or whichever snapshot of ´bohemia´ they wished to indulge in. Many of these men from ´traditional families´ whom were expected to ´get to work´ were now going onto higher education, graduating and leaving factories and overalls for offices and suits. We have models, movie stars and sports persons thrown into the equation, and, in no other sector is this more obvious than football.Simpson argues that metrosexuality is now not only the norm, but an integral component of modern masculinity.The "selfie" generation is no stranger to the notion of narcissism as a survival strategy, yet Simpson's metro man rallies against the traditionalists; including another Telegraph writer who described metrosexuality to me as “gratuitously fey.Now, in the ´good old days´ one thing was a certainty.If you looked different or dressed differently then you were possibly ´ a bit funny.´ This antiquated portrait of openly gay men, who were almost always employed in theatre, fashion or creative industries, was not a positive one.David and Victoria are still going strong 17 years on.The ultimate style couple, who played with fashion and image to the delight of the nation.And fundamentally, whether you ´look´ gay or straight, does it really matter?Inside the exterior image lives a person with a spirit and a soul.


  1. Look out, chaps, there could be manbags at dawn – because a new breed of modern British man looks set to finally usurp the metrosexual.

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