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Dating a zippo lighter xxldating

The first thing to decide when collecting Zippo lighters is "what do I want to collect"?

Do I collect anything that takes my fancy or do I stick with a specific theme.

The collectibles market is extremely volatile and any given piece is worth only whatever someone else wants to pay to begin or complete a collection.

Collecting Zippo lighters is about fun, about history, about people.

In 1986, the dot and slash date code methods were replaced with Roman numerals representing the year and letters of the alphabet representing the month of production.

While there are a lot fewer smokers today than in years past, vintage cigarette lighters still are attracting attention, but now as collectibles.THE ZIPPO LIGHTER COLLECTORS' GUIDE Dear Zippo Lighter Enthusiast, pushed the first insert into the first case of what would be the first Zippo lighter.Zippo introduced its own lighter collectors' club, Zippo Click, in 2002, logging over 8000 members in the first three years.There are literally hundreds of thousands of different designs of Zippo out there and you are unlikely to get one of each!!In my case I collect Railway Zippos, Marlboro Zippos and anything else that I see and take a fancy to!Blaisdell would be amazed to One night in 1933 above a garage in Bradford, Pennsylvania, George G.Booth President and CEO know that today thousands of Zippo lighter collectors all over the world communicate through collectors' clubs, newsletters, e-mail and web pages, and get together at shows, conventions, and the biennial Zippo/Case International Swap Meet.In light of the ever-growing international interest in the Zippo windproof lighter, we are pleased to present this guide as an introduction to the novice lighter collector.It is not meant to be a complete guide to Zippo lighter identification or collecting.The quickest hints are barrels, chimney holes, and indented bottoms.Please Click "YES" below if you found this helpful!


  1. How to Date a Zippo Lighter According to the website Zippoclick, George G. Blaisdell constructed the first Zippo windproof lighter in 1933. Since that revolutionary creation, a series of markings have been placed on the bottom of the Zippo.

  2. ASR, Colibri, Dunhill, Dupont, Evans, Negbaur, MTC, Rolstar, Ronson, Rowenta, Zippo andmany others You will also find books, catalogs, patents and

  3. Dating your zippo absolutely marks its 80th anniversary in January with a series oflimited edition lighters and a four ounce can of genuine Zippo lighter

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