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Dating advice for divorced women over 40

You don’t know if he answered your questions truthfully or said what he thinks a woman want to hear.In the early phase of dating, you want to observe a man’s actions rather than rely on his words. Maybe it was his friend’s birthday Saturday night, or maybe he had another hot date. Unfortunately, there is no way to go back and undo.At the beginning of dating, waiting until the next weekend can be seen as a long time and reason enough to get back on to see who IS available for this weekend.What He Does, Not What He Says – Asking a man direct questions doesn’t often produce results you can trust.Date more than one guy if the opportunity is there.Dating is the process of determining if a guy is right for a long term relationship.You are not meeting men at work or in clubs or bars anymore.

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Last weekend we were supposed to go out but I got tied up and he was pretty bummed. We were going to hang out all day Saturday but he told me today that it’s his friends birthday. I felt suspicious but he wanted to do Friday or Sunday instead.

My problem is I can only focus on 1 guy which I guess I shouldn’t do? If you always initiate contact, you’ll never know what he would do on his own without your prompting. Without seeing what he will do to win you over, you cannot know if he is truly interested, is flattered, or thinks you’ll be an easy conquest.

Don’t Be Too Hard to Get – You don’t want it to be too hard to get together or a man may think you are hard to please or worse, not interested.

I told him NO WAY because I have a life to which he said how about Saturday day time and he seemed eager to see me. Melinda from Michigan Dear Melinda, Wow, there is a lot going on here! Dating more than one guy is absolutely essential – You think that because you slept with this guy, asked him some questions and liked his answers that the two of you are together. You are not a couple in a relationship until you have a discussion about exclusivity and agree to take down your profiles. It could take 10 dates or more before you get to exclusivity.

I think these are all good things and he did give me a heads up well in advance and still wants to meet. By focusing on just one guy, you are setting your sights on a man you don’t really know.


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