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Dating and marriage in colombia

opening cars doors for her etc is more important than wining and dining her in a fancy restaurant. Colombian girls take huge pride in their appearance and will often spend an hour or two getting ready.

If you’re a backpacker, try to dress up as much as possible and remember that in cities like Medellin and Cali where the climate is perfect for shorts and sandals, the locals seldom wear them, especially at night.

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The elephants have long since gone, but the culture of silicon enhancements has remained.Sometimes there doesn’t seem much logic in taking a taxi halfway across town to pick the girl up when your destination is back in the opposite direction, but from experience it’s best to suck it up, at least to start with.You may well be about to spend a large amount of money treating her to dinner and drinks, but by asking her to get her own taxi and meet you there you can still come out looking stingy!If you hear either “Es que esta lloviendo / esta hacienda mucho frio” (“The thing is it’s raining / it’s very cold”) or “Es que tengo mucha pereza” (roughly translated as “I can’t really be bothered”) then alarm bells should start ringing!Another favourite brush off is “De pronto salimos en estos dias” (Maybe we can go out sometime soon). At the same time, however, you have to realise that in Colombia the onus is on the man to call and to make arrangements.If the girl does agree to meet you there make sure you’re on time.While it’s often acceptable for the girl to arrive 20 minutes late, if you leave her waiting just five minutes there could be trouble.I've found approaching and engaging Colombian girls to be much less daunting than in, for example, my home country of the UK.Depending on how you make your move you will very occasionally get the cold shoulder, but more often than not the girl will be happy to talk to you even if she’s not interested in anything more than friendship or a quick chat.In parts of central and southern Colombia many people come from an indigenous background.One physical characteristic which is common to the vast majority of Colombian women is that they tend to be much shorter than women in North America or Europe. One thing I can guarantee is that in pretty much any Colombian town or city you will see beautiful Colombian girls.


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