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Dating fender bassman

Other configurations are also possible including the Pentode, a tube with 5 active elements providing an additional amplification factor.There are a large number of tube varieties and uses.In it's simplest form a vacuum tube can be created to operate as a diode: a device that conducts current only in one direction.A third element called a "control grid" can be added to the design which provides the ability to amplify a signal.A=1969 A=1970C=1971 D=1972E=1973 F=1974 G=1975 H=1976 J=1977 K=1978 L=1979 M=1980 N=1981 P=1982 R=1983 S=1984 T=1985 U=1986 V=1987 W=1988 X=1989 Y=1990 Z=1991 Z=1992 Disclaimer: These charts are for informational purposes only and are not a substitute for consulting your amp tube chart, amp repair shop and amp manufacturers instructions.We are not responsible for typographical errors, inaccuracies and omissions on this web site.However, tubes are still used in several specialized applications such as guitar amplifiers (also called a valve amp outside the U.

These electrons will be drawn to a metal "plate" inside the envelope if the plate (also called the anode) is positively charged relative to the filament (or cathode).

Replacement tubes and transformers are readily available for these amps however there are many boutique amp manufacturers making new tube amps with a vintage sound.

A transformer is an electrical device that transfers energy from one circuit to another by magnetic coupling with no moving parts.

Transformers are used to convert between high and low voltages, to change impedance, and to provide electrical isolation between circuits.

This is useful in converting the voltage from a wall outlet, typically 120 or 240 volts, into a higher voltage required by tubes in tube amps .


  1. Welcome to The Fender Amp Field Guide. These pages are dedicated to the greatest amplifiers ever made. No other company has produced so many great sounding, well built and reliable amps. Included in the guide are descriptions, pictures, schematics and other Fendercentric information. Enjoy!

  2. Aug 26, 2016. One little detail not that well-known, is that the Beatles favourite amp was a Fender Bassman, as described on our Revolver Turns 50 blog post. If you read this blog thus far, congratulations. you're now an expert on dating Fender Amps! Now, why don't you visit your local PMT Store to try out a few.

  3. Fender Black Tolex. Grill Cloth Blue white silver Grillcloth. Logo 68-74 Grill mounted, raised, chrome and black script with tail. Weight 75 lbs. Speaker Size 4 x 10; Impedance 8 ohms; Model CTS 10, or JBL optionalFor more info, check out the Jensen Replacement Speakers. Effects Watts 50 watts ~ 1972-1976.

  4. There are several ways to determine when a Fender amp was produced. First use the cosmetic features to get a range of possible years. Next, if applicable look for the date code on the tube chart. If your amp dosen't have a date code, flip the amp upside-down and check the transformers, and speakers for their.

  5. Tilt back legs with serial numbers were used only on the speaker cabinets of piggyback amps. One of the legs on the cabinet would have the number while the other would simply be stamped with "Pat. Pend." In 1967, CBS Fender discontinued the small cabinet design Bassman and Bandmaster an introduced new, larger.

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