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The Romantic Road is another popular tourist attraction in Germany.

Starting from Wurzburg and ending at Fussen, the 400km road is one of the most scenic drives in Germany, which offers you the opportunity to explore some of the best places in Germany in one go.

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On top of art, the Dresden is also a stunning destination, which is home to several landmarks that include the Royal Palace, the Frauenkirche cathedral, the Museum of Decorative Arts, and the New Master Gallery Yet another amazing place to visit in Germany, Munich is Bavaria’s capital, which is famous all over the world for the Oktoberfest beer festival that it hosts.The Black Forest is also home to several popular tourist attractions in Europe, such as the Baden-Baden spa facilities, one of the oldest ski areas in Germany that dates back to over two centuries ago.Other highlights of the region include the Black Forest Railway and the Black Forest Open Air Museum, which are amazing places to explore.Located between the Rhine and an undulating farmland, the Black Forest region is one of the most popular places to visit in Germany.The uplands region covers about 11,000 square kilometers, and it is comprised of valleys, peaks, vineyards, lakes, and nature reserves, making it a paradise for hikers.And if those are not good enough reasons to visit Germany, you can always check out the amazing art scene displayed in several German museums.The country also has an amazing party scene, where festivals and beer are available in abundance.The Rugen Causeway connects the island to the mainland.The beauty of the island comes from its diverse landscape, which includes flat farmlands, hills that are covered with forest, lagoons, amazing sandy beaches, and stunning peninsula.The model has more than 12,000 meters of tracks and is comprised of 890 trains and several hundred thousand lights and human figures.There are also very detailed cities, rural areas, miniature airports, and harbors.


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