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The feedback/filter caps in the two gain stages varied from 500p F to 560p F, just like the real triangle Big Muffs.The low pass filter at the input stage was removed, as was done on some early Big Muffs.The first clone I saw of the Jordan Creator was the Mahoney Creator.

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It was manufactured in the USA by Jordan Electronics, a small California pedal effects company owned by Victoreen Instrument Company.The input, coupling , and clipping caps were all common .1u F. (Thanks to Chris Martin for photos and Kurt for additional information, and Edkoppel for alerting me to one on ebay).Diodes were Silicon recifier type, and the Motorola NPN Silicon transistors were marked with a non standard number, Motorola SPS 3353, likely a special house mark created for Jordan. See the fuzz pedal timeline here for more information about other fuzz releases from this era.ince its creation in 1969, The Big Muff Pi has been a very popular pedal, and as with many other popular pedals from the late 1960 and '70's, other companies wanted to cash in on the sound.Within a few years of hitting the market, the Big Muff was being cloned by both minor and major manufacturers, including Jen, Sola Sound/Colorsound, and Ibanez, and it is still being done today.There was not just a first and second version of the Triangle Big Muff circuit, there about a dozen, but regardless, the real Jordan Creator does not have component values that exactly match any V1 Big Muff I have ever seen.The Mahoney version sounds comparable and features a mids knob not found on the original, and the pedals were signed by Jordan founder George Cole.Jordan made a line of very loud solid state amplifiers beginning in 1966, and a host of other non-musical electronics equipment, such as radiation detectors.There is not much infomation available about Jordan, but their amplifiers were very well know among musicians in the 1960's, being used by The Yardbirds, The Doors, and the Mamas and the Papas.Some of these were exact knockoffs of the circuit, and others featured some interesting and unique modifications.Some were made with similar enclosures and control names, giving away their heritage, while others were so different in appearance and controls that it took years for people to realize they were actually Big Muffs.


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