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Dating internet research dating internet service

The scope of people it appeals to is far reaching with men and women of all ages, backgrounds and ethnicities interested.

The number of internet dating sites is continually growing and has become a very successful and effective business.

Of these relationships formed, on average they lasted for approx 7 months, with 18% of them lasting for over a year.

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Dr Gavin (Author of Research Study) stated that; “We also found people are shying away from using webcams because they feel its important not to see their partners for some time – there is something special about text-bases relationships.” (University of Bath Study, 2005) Of all the relationships studied, 39% of the couples were still together at the time of the survey, and of these 24% of the couples had been together for at least a year, and 8% for at least 2 years.Interestingly, the research showed that men were generally more likely to be committed to the relationship than the women, and tended to be more dependent upon the women.One explanation for this was the fact that perhaps men felt more comfortable with the anonymity which writing brings as it gave them a chance to express their emotions more easily than they would have been able to face to face.(match.com, 2005) In 2004 a survey was set up by the with results again indicating high success rates for internet dating.The study found that 12% of the 4743 couples registered had met on dating websites.(University of Bath Study, 2005) The study also brought up a number of other interesting facts; the degree to which the couples interacted before meeting up seemed to play a vital role in the success of the relationship.For example, those who talked on the telephone before meeting up and those who chatted simultaneously online (as opposed to simply emailing) were found to have formed ‘deeper’ and more emotional attachments.Similarly, those couples who exchanged gifts before meeting up seemed to form deeper and more committed relationships.The study concluded that simultaneous communication forms more of an intimacy.Of the relationships which had ended, 14% had lasted for over a year, and 4% had lasted over 2 years.(University of Bath Study, 2005) Invariably there are always going to be people who are more successful at meeting others than some.


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