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Dating of the triassic period

The Mesozoic era might also have had large, open areas with low-growing vegetation, including savannas or fern prairie with dry, nutrient poor soil populated by herbaceous plants, such as ferns of the families Matoniaceae and Gleicheniaceae.Thus, despite the union of the continental landmasses, the Triassic vegetation was quite provincial, though this decreased as the Triassic wore on.

By the end of the Triassic, both hemispheres gave way to conifer and cycad vegetation.The holdovers included the lycophytes, glossopterids, and dicynodonts.While those that went on to dominate the Mesozoic world include modern conifers, cycadeoids, and the dinosaurs.The presence of coal-rich sequences in the high northern and southern latitudes, as well as the presence of large amphibians there, indicates that the paleoclimate was wetter in those areas.Living species of some Mesozoic ferns (including the families Osmundacae and Dipteridacae) now live in wet, shady areas under forest canopies, so it is likely that the paleoclimate their Triassic ancestors inhabited were also damp and shaded.Generally speaking, the continents were of high elevation compared to sea level, and the sea level did not change drastically during the period.Due to the low sea level, flooding of the continents to form shallow seas did not occur.At the beginning of the Triassic Period, the land masses of the world were still bound together into the vast supercontinent known as Pangea.Pangea began to break apart in the Middle Triassic, forming Gondwana (South America, Africa, India, Antarctica, and Australia) in the south and Laurasia (North America and Eurasia) in the north.This division of the continents advanced further westward, eventually splitting eastern North America from North Africa.The climate of the Triassic Period was influenced by Pangea, its centralized position straddling the equator, and the geologic activity associated with its breakup.


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