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You know how to get a guy’s attention in person: a sexy smile, your perfect legs, an “accidental” quick flash of a little cleavage.But those same ploys that are genuine and appealing in person can come off as a little trampy or desperate online.Make sure you have clear, in focus photos with decent lighting. You don’t want a potential match to have to guess which person you are in the photograph or find your friends more attractive than you.If you need new photographs hire a pro or if you are strapped for cash, get a friend with a good camera to take some great pics for you. Whining about your past “tired of games” or “looking for someone real” “trying to find a girl that isn’t crazy.” This highlights your emotional baggage and makes you sounds resentful.RESOURCE: The Vintage Fashion Guild’s Woolmark guide. the type of material noted on a garment, particularly if it has an unusual name like “Dacron Polyester.” HOW OLD? WHY IT’S VINTAGE: The invention of synthetics during World War II was an exciting time for American fashion — and for the clothing companies themselves! RESOURCES: Explanation of Half Sizes on Sewing Patterns by The Hem Line & Explanation of Vintage Plus Sizes by Charearl. an RN number of five to six numbers, proceeded with “RN.” HOW OLD?Chemical companies like Du Pont released these marketing names to create incentive for consumers to buy a garment, labels included trade names like “Qiana Nylon” (versus just Nylon) or “Dacron Polyester” (versus just Polyester). 1959 and earlier for numbers listed 00101 to 04086 and post 1959 for numbers listed as 13670 or larger.

Your search comes up empty, so you turn the garment inside out to look along the side or bottom seam.Our forums are just another great platform that allows our users to come together to communicate and share with each other.So feel free to begin a discussion, pose a question, offer your feedback, and start connecting with other local singles right now!When you’re chatting with a guy online, devote your time to the chat.Some people try to chat with two or three people at a time, or they go about other business after each response. Posted in Being Single, Dating Photos, Finding a Date, Flirting, Online Dating, Online Dating Etiquette, Online Dating Profile, Online Dating Success Online dating is so new that not many people know how to navigate this tricky world of digital romance.One of the best ways to help yourself is knowing what NOT to do.Whether it’s a dating site, Facebook or an instant messenger, select a photo that will grab him.Avoid the studio or posed picture with the smile plastered on, and also avoid the picture that is too distant or shows you in a group of two or more.Also, make sure you don’t look intoxicated in any of your photos. Avoid this list of these massive pitfalls and you will be flirting with some cuties in no time.The main takeaways from this are have better profile pictures of yourself and make sure your profile text is laced with some positive and attractive information about yourself.


  1. Usernames and taglines - turn offs and turn ons Posted 10/16/2005 AM What do you think of my user name and tag line I'm new to this online dating thing I've only bin on this site for a day and a half but its addictive!

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