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Dating police officer kelowna

Many years ago he founded Historic Arms and is currently its CEO and Chief Instructor.While Bob is still eager at every opportunity to learn more from others, he has a world of knowledge and expertise relating to firearms and receives his greatest pleasure from passing this knowledge on to others.Fehr was also convicted in 1999 of sexually abusing a young child, the daughter of his then common-law wife.The couple incorporated the child into aspects of their sex life.

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Indeed, years ago one of his early companies manufactured the Browning M2 Heavy Barrel machine gun for the military.He has been a federally licensed firearms dealer (FFLISOT) since 1978.As such he is authorized to possess, use and deal in full automatic weapons, silencers, cannons and similar firearms.Morrison said police there will help probation officers monitor Fehr's compliance with several strict conditions, including a nightly curfew.Fehr pleaded guilty last October to five counts of breaching the terms of a probation order imposed May 31, when the man pleaded guilty to trying to buy sex with a toddler.He also asked her if she would help him rape someone, by holding them down, the court was told.Morrison said it is not believed Fehr intends to live with his current girlfriend, the same woman he duped into thinking he was Ettner last fall.As an experienced jet rated aviator he came to appreciate the benefits of using computerized flight simulators for training.This led directly to his desire to bring the benefits of computerized firearm simulators to civilian firearm training – particularly in situations where the dangers of live fire may outweigh the benefits.He is also: Rick – Lead Tactical Firearms Instructor Having been a professional firearms instructor for over 30 years, Rick has taught defensive/evasive driving techniques, Red Cross First Aid, and firearms use in protective and tactical situations.He received his Virginia State Corrections certification for both pistol and shotgun in 1986, was certified as a Federal Police Officer for both pistol and shotgun in 1987 and became certified as a Federal Protective Agent in pistol, shotgun and sub-machine gun during 1992-96.


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