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Dating pyrex marks

Yesterday I found the red 402 bowl at VV - perfect condition, .99, it reads 402, 1 1/2 qt, Trade Mark, 8, Pyrex, R, Made in U. The blue bowl is really where my question lies - I got it in the fall at VV - the bottom reads 401, Pyrex, R, 14 and this has a circle around it - that's it nothing more - I am wondering if this bowl could be from an older primary set?

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Around the same time Corning merged with a Pennsylvania glass company that was producing tempered white, or opal, glass."When avocado green was all the rage in the '70s, Pyrex was part of that trend, too, along with earth tones like rust and gold." ■It's nostalgic."Most of today's collectors have memories of their grandma's Pyrex," Mauzy says.Its principal property was withstanding temperature extremes without breaking.Soon other uses were sought for the glass, and Bessie Littleton, the wife of a Corning scientist, had the answer."Pyrex fits the bill." According to Barbara Mauzy of northern Maine, that is just one of many reasons Pyrex remains a kitchen mainstay.She should know; she literally wrote the book on Pyrex, titled "Pyrex: The Unauthorized Collector's Guide," which has been updated and revised several times.Next came Flameware, from 1936 to 1948, which was Pyrex glass with a bluish cast and a wire heat diffuser on the bottom between the glass and the cooktop's flame.With the addition of a metal handle, it turned glass bakeware into cookware, such as saucepans and frying pans. Chances are members of every generation represented at the gathering know what Pyrex is and own at least a dish or two.His collection began with the smallest Pyrex mixing bowls, known as 401s.


  1. I would like to list a Pyrex mini loaf dish. Does anyone know what the symbols S and $ mean on the bottom of this dish and about what age this is? It

  2. I have just started selling vintage ware on Etsy and this site is going to be invaluable for dating my Pyrex ware. I have just listed a piece and done a link back to.

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