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The conference is co-organized by Serge Wich from Conservation and LJMU. The aim is to provide a ranger with a tool that will…

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Continue reading The Conservation Drones Asia Team and the Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Programme (SOCP) flew two separate missions over a part of the Gunung Leuser National Park (Indonesia) between two time periods barely a few months… Continue reading We often get asked whether thermal imaging cameras can be used on drones. The latest edition of Primack’s Essentials of Conservation Biology is out. We are a step closer to our vision of making conservation drones a part…While we sometimes share updates through specific blog entries, there are often many more fieldwork photos and stories than we…Continue reading With the increase in the use of drones for conservation and environmental research we thought it would be useful to share our list of papers on these topics. Continue reading Conservation provided images to Sterling Geo to develop an automated method for counting palm trees from UAV imagery using ERDAS IMAGINE 2015 Spatial Modeller. Continue reading From 7-8 July the 2nd UAV and Environmental Research Conference will be held at in Liverpool. Continue reading In collaboration with Ready-to-Drone, Conservation Drones (Technical Director, Jeff Kerby) recently traveled to Congo to train staff from the Jane Goodall Institute on how to fly their new mapping and surveying drone. Continue reading Those of you who have watched our TED talk in 2013 would remember our wish for a drone that can remotely download images from camera traps in a forest – a ‘data mule’ drone. Continue reading Dutch UAS and Conservation Drones are combining expertise to develop a fixed-wing drone with a user-interface that automatically detects people and rhinos.We featured one of them, the Caipy video drone, in our last post (850 mm wingspan). Continue reading Conservation has been working closely with WWF Nepal for the past year or so, supported by the WWF AREAS Programme.One of our long-term goals is to reduce training time for new drone…Continue reading The Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Program has been collaborating with conservationdrones to protect the Sumatran orangutan.They have now been nominated for the UAV Humanitarian Award. Conservation Drones took the the skies over regions of western Tanzania this past summer in collaboration with the Ugalla Primate Project and the Jane Goodall Institute Tanzania. Continue reading Our teams work with and provide support to organizations all around the globe.For some of the land-cover analyses we teamed up with and Enviro Drone. Continue reading Conservation Drones recently continued its work with Conservation International in Suriname as part of a broader forest monitoring program.The video below highlights Conservation International Suriname’s ongoing efforts to work alongside local teams…Continue reading A research team led by Jarrod Hodgson and Rohan Clarke from Monash University is partnering with Conservation Drones to use UAVs for seabird monitoring.Jarrod and Rohan have just returned from a successful trip to…


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