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But the user records laid bare by hackers last week tell a very different story: Of the more than 35 million records released, only 5 million — a mere This discrepancy may be the smoking gun that proves something angry users, industry insiders and government watchdogs have alleged for some time: that when it comes to reporting their own user numbers, paid-dating sites distort, manipulate … “Ashley Madison has paid people to write profiles, and they’ve allowed fake profiles to proliferate on their site,” said David Evans, an industry consultant who has contracted with Ashley Madison in the past and has tracked the business of online dating since 2002. That’s not news.” It may be news, however, to the legions of paying online daters who have treated tales of “date bait” as message-board apocrypha — and not as a tangible, industry-wide practice that they themselves have encountered.

Ryan Pitcher, who spent two years in the late aughts running a fake-profile team for Global Personals — parent of the massive, multinational dating platform White Label — explains the scheme like this: Paid-dating sites only make money when potential customers believe they’re sitting on a huge pot of available dates — so many dates, in fact, that it’s worth ponying up 20 or 30 dollars a month just to message them.

Somebody like Fling, they make money by BSing everything.” Unfortunately, despite even the allegations of insiders, it’s very difficult to prove the extent of fake-profiling.While Pitcher says some companies fake their profiles in-house, as his did, it’s also common for firms to outsource this work abroad — where it’s more difficult to track.Eastern Europe does a bustling, well-documented trade in quote-unquote “translators” — college students and other English-speaking women who receive a small fee to pose, to Western men, as interested daters.In e-mails revealed by the recent hack and surfaced by the Daily Dot, Louise Van der Velde, a former spokeswoman for the site, threatens to go to the media with the claim that there are “really no women” on the site and that they “simply rip people off.” That same year, Doriana Silva — who worked in Ashley Madison’s Toronto offices — sued the company for million, claiming she’d injured her wrists churning out fake profiles for them.While Ashley Madison’s legal team contested the wrist damage vigorously in court, they stopped short of explicitly denying that they paid people to write profiles.“If you don’t have pseudos to try and fulfill the sexual desires of these men …men wouldn’t keep signing up.” Evans, the industry consultant, agreed: “Look at or Adult Friend Finder, the two big sex and hook-up sites,” he said.“I don’t think that you need to be an insider or a person of great insight or intelligence to arrive at the opinion that AM cares a lot more about profits than about people, including its own members.” Ashley Madison disputes that characterization, of course; in an interview with The Post, a company executive insisted that its advertised user numbers were genuine, and suggested that the hackers had released only selective records that, when taken together, threw off the gender averages.(When The Post sampled 3,600 verified records belonging to Ashley Madison users in D. and Northern Virginia, it also found that women represented 15.6 percent of users.) He declined to elaborate on the fake-profile issue — which the company has previously blamed on outside spammers and scammers — or to provide any further data on Ashley Madison’s gender ratio, refusing even to confirm whether the company’s most recently announced gender statistics were still accurate.” The going rate for this kind of work, the Kyiv Post’s Daryna Shevchenko reported in 2013, is between 50 cents and five dollars a message.Many young women work out of agencies that interface between them and their dating site clients — which have reportedly included sites like and Flirt.com, two major international dating sites. [but] we continue to be concerned about this.” The Ashley Madison hack would only seem to prove that such concern is warranted: It’s pretty clear that fake profiles played a role in the site’s operation at one point, even if they don’t any longer.


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