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The New South Wales Police Force (NSW Police Force; previously the New South Wales Police Service and New South Wales Police) is the primary law enforcement agency of the state of New South Wales, Australia.

It is a servant of the Crown, independent of Government, although a minister of the Crown has administration.

As a result, the NSW Mounted Police was formed in the following year.

The New South Wales Police Force has existed in various forms since the foundation of the colony of New South Wales at Sydney in 1788.The Border Police was funded by a levy placed on the squatters who had brought livestock into the areas beyond the borders of settlement.In addition to controlling the Aboriginal and bushranger threats, the Border Police were also tasked with resolving land disputes with the squatters.has to have common goals in life and be passionate about what they do as well as supportive of what i do. I'm looking for a girl who enjoys being hugged everytime I meet her, kissed out of nowhere and cuddled every now and then. A French woman, who has been through life's challenges, and who has learned from her experiences.willing to try new things and explore and travel world. I am a very sweet and outgoing man looking for someone to share common interests with, I am a very open minded, honest, loyal, committed, intelligent, passionate, friendly, down to earth person who appreciates the same i.. As I begin the next chapter of my life, I'm most looking for a female friend. In order to protect the infant town against thieves and petty criminals after dark, Governor Arthur Phillip authorised the formation of a nightwatch in August 1789, consisting of eight of the best-behaved convicts.After his appointment as the new governor of New South Wales, Governor Lachlan Macquarie restructured the police force in January 1811, setting up a basic system of ranks and control and recruiting free men into the force instead of convicts.Grant is a former NSW police officer who served 22 years before entering politics.As of 30 June 2016, the police force consists of some 16,627 officers. Its coat of arms features the state badge, a soaring Australian wedge-tailed eagle carrying a scroll with the word Nemesis, a wreath and the St Edwards Crown, the crown of the Queen as the NSW head of state.Their main task in this period was to subjugate resisting groups of Aboriginals and capture bushrangers.By this stage, the NSW government could not afford the cost of maintaining the Mounted Police along the expanding frontiers of the colony.


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