Dating winchester 9422

Earlier ones have nicer finishes, if they are still in good shape.

Spend the extra dollars and get the Cadillac of .22 levers. We offer a simple limited lifetime warranty; if you have a problem at any time, and it's our fault, we will correct the problem immediately and at no charge.

In my case the Browning lacked the expected accuracy, but the Henry was fine.

I really did like the Browning, it's a sweet little honey to handle.

Check out the action of any shooter that is shot a lot and never cleaned. Haven't shot it much since I bought it (new.)__ Maybe 2 box's of L-R shells is all that's been down its barrel.

As far as Idaho goes, the most popular .22 is the 10/22 and the most lever actions I see are old 9422s or Marlin 39As... Couple disappointments I've encountered with my 39-A.


  1. Firearms produced by the Winchester Repeating Arms Company 1866–2006, by model Contents. hide. 1 Year-Model Numbers 1866-1912; 2 Sequential Model Numbers Rifles 1919-39; 3 Non-Sequential Model Numbers Rifles 1949-63; 4 Non-Sequential Model Numbers Rifles 1964-2006; 5 Model Numbers.

  2. Winchester's Model 9422 was introduced in 1972. It was designed to capture the image of the traditional lever-actions with exposed hammer, straight grip, tube magazine and barrel bands. Unlike older Winchester lever actions it came grooved for scope mounting. It was offered in.22 Long Rifle.

  3. Jun 1, 2017. Bottom An excellent Winchester Model 1866 produced in 1868, still bearing the “Henry's Patent” barrel legend. People often see the. Most have the Henry and King's patent barrel markings, though the Henry name was eventually dropped, listing only the date in the barrel address. Serial numbers are.

  4. Archive For Those That Collect Lever Actions Of All Eras. Love those old lever actions? Then this the place to learn and share your knowledge- join in the fun.

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