Dating winchester 9422

I was thinking of getting rid of the magnum just keep ammo supplies easy but now after reading posts I think I should just keep it. It appears to have a quality controlled round feed with no evident lawyer engineering.

Out of production there is the Winchester XLR (9422? You should be able to use a bore snake to clean the barrel. The 39a actually began sometime in the 1930s, if I remember right. The rebounding hammered versions began in then early/mid 1980s?

They are also the only two takedown rifles of the bunch. I've been half in the market for a .22 lever myself, actually .22mag, but have not committed.

The Browning is a beautiful little Japanese made rifle that uses a combination of steel and alloy, along with some very nice walnut on many examples. You're right about that...those 39D's aren't real common. An Ithaca M49 single shot lever action which was my first real firearm and will pass on to kids/grandkids. Some of the best deals come when you're least expecting them. The Win9422M has my attention due to the overall positive comments on its quality and manufacturing. The Ruger never really took, but I'm looking at them as well.

One more go for the Marlin then do yourself a favor and look for an older one (pre-Remington) in nice condition because the new ones seem to be plagued with problems. Finally found a 1965 for 5 bills, fair but no steal. Then the Henry Golden Boy on sale at the tractor store for 9. Thought it was high at 0, but after some research, think that was a decent deal. Was considering the Mossberg, but as Petah W said, it is a clone of the Henry, and AZ_imuth, your opinion is valued. Just my preference and certainly not trying to take anything away from other's choices but of all the lever action .22's the Marlin Mounty series are my favorite. Probably too late for this question, but any issues with these later rifles? THe only short throw I would be interested in is from my hand to the garbage. That was my initial reacting when I owned one but felt that I was not being very objective. Stuff/Browning BL-22-0043_zps7e3c3f2Browning BL-22 in maple (

Will have to look at the Ruger and research the other out of production offerings. So I have a golden 39a and Winchester 9422 m From my Dad. I have not shot in a long time but just handling in the basement just feels very nice. To be fair, never had it long enough to fall in love with it. t=539004) I don't (yet) have the maple but I've dropped many a squirrel robbing my bird feeder in the back yard with my BL-22. Otherwise I would consider the silver boy previously mentioned.

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I've only handled the Mossberg and wasn't impressed, due mainly to the two external safeties, the rebounding hammer, the so-called hardwood, and the price. Henry if you want a smooth, easy shooter and are are on a budget. Would love to find a Nylon, beings a 12 and 66 are here, but can't say I've ever seen one in person. and last a Henry, it was slick, and accurate but it had problems extracting some LR ammo, rim was too rounded or something, anyway it just didn't "speak" to me so it got traded in on who knows what. If you include used rifles in your shopping, check it out. Shot 1000s of rounds of all types of LR and some CCI and Remington shorts. I never have really cared for a tube rimfire mag.........hmmmm? I wonder if one of the hi-cap 10/22 mags would work in a M96...egads, a tactical lever rimfire!!!!!!!!All I can say is that I don't need to spend more money on another lever .22lr [especially considering how hard it is to find ammo], with my 39a.I feel like I have one that will work forever and it out shoots me. It is light, accurate, and its been a good one for over a decade. If you want one a little heavier the octagon barrel is pretty nice.Shooting it for the first time was like asking the Prom Queen if she wanted to get in the back seat with me...: DThere appear's to be a new player in town that's loosely based upon the Marlin Mountie, by Chiappa.Don't know much about it, but it comes with a case-color hardened receiver, an 18.5 " barrel, and no crossbolt safety.Earlier ones have nicer finishes, if they are still in good shape.Now, the other versions mentioned all have their merits.In my case the Browning lacked the expected accuracy, but the Henry was fine.I really did like the Browning, it's a sweet little honey to handle.Didn't really have a chance to check it out closely until home. Took it out of the box and could smell the factory lube! To explain, I had been looking for one for several years, they were all either beat up or WAY out of control on price.This past year however, I happened upon one online on our local firearms classifieds.


  1. Mar 25, 2014. Take a look inside in this video and you will see what Winchester guns, even their.22s, used to be all about quality American quality craftsmanship with no corners cut. It gets me. The non-scoped 9422 is like the best looking brunette in school, the scoped 9422 is the best looking blonde. It's beautiful.

  2. Firearms produced by the Winchester Repeating Arms Company 1866–2006, by model Contents. hide. 1 Year-Model Numbers 1866-1912; 2 Sequential Model Numbers Rifles 1919-39; 3 Non-Sequential Model Numbers Rifles 1949-63; 4 Non-Sequential Model Numbers Rifles 1964-2006; 5 Model Numbers.

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