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Don’t let anyone or thing refute that you are deserving of the experience you want from relationships.

Do away with being average to make a potential feel comfortable; it’s really that simple!

The wrong dating mentality demands you do extra things, that rarely make you happy just because you don’t believe you can attract a man with just the right attitude alone.

How low on earths’ entire standards are you planning to stay before you change your attitude about yourself and what you want?

You still can’t bring yourself to asking for help when help is needed, but your legs flicker and open no questions asked when he wants to Phola; what exactly are you saying?

And that time…can’t even look at him, I mean in the eyes and ask where all this is going, and what he really wants…tell me, what does the future look like? You are not getting any younger; it honestly serves no justice to your dating life by keeping a mediocre attitude. Do you care about how a man who treats you like that thinks about you?

So…we are generally familiar with the reality that attitude keeps you winning in business or at work but somehow, the same hasn’t been said and done for relationships.I bet he also doesn’t know you also love sex, right?Women are also sexual beings, the goddesses of pleasure, and that does not make them loose or sluts!Fortunately, you have to do this one alone, and it starts with changing your attitude!The attitude about what you want and what your goals are will determine what you attract.After all, how will your needs be met if you don’t say?Maybe, a step back….before we even get our sexy lingerie off; did you wait to be chosen, do you still want to be chosen?Worthy of acceptance, of warmth, being desired, being cared and taken care of, being known, Appreciated, loved and GREAT…GREAT orgasmic sex.This is the honorable goal, one on which your future happiness solely depends.Working on the right feel and look for presentations or proposals, drafts after drafts.Aggressively putting in long hours of hard work and even at times sacrifice your life to be proactive, to land just that one client, and hit more sales or targets.


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