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Henry and Travis plan to foil the drug test by getting the whole school high on drug savant Psycho Ed's (Adrian Brody) ultra-potent supply.

The setup is goofy but handled lightly and with a relatively straight face, which already distinguishes the movie from pure stoner material like How High or Cheech and Chong.

Venezuelan families sheltering in Simon Bolivar public square in Boa Vista’s city centre.

Over the years, Italian pilots deployed with UNIFIL have transported more than 145,000 passengers.

Smoking makes most everything funny, and many will have a go-to selection of movies that pair especially well with pot.

It's surprising, then, that movies about weed don't automatically fit into that category.

A farmer transplants rice in a paddy field in the Philippines.

Global food prices rose for the second consecutive month.


  1. I no longer bothered or cared what thoughts came, it did not matter, let my excess adrenalin make me think this way at times, its fine, was my attitude.

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