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Do if she dating other men

I can relate to your question because I know a few girls who behave this way when they want to draw a guy’s attention.Reasons could be:a) she has a crush on you and is using jealousy as a tool to engage your interestb) she is trying to impress you and wants you to compliment her just like the other guys doc) she has no specific reason and is just sharing random information (like she does with her girlfriends)Most guys are known to react to jealousy better than anything else.Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate.I made a post before about a different topic and got a lot of good responses.

She's already been heavily considering what she wants to do, and all this planning has unfortunately been done without your knowledge. The very fact that your girlfriend did mention dating someone else, rather than keep you completely in the dark about it? It's not that she's testing you, it's that she's giving you the chance to correct things. When your girlfriend suggests looking for more compatible partners, it's a delicate situation.

THIS is how you need to handle any potential breakup scenario with your girlfriend.

By controlling the situation and maintaining your position, you don't lose any of the power or hold you still had over her during the relationship.

One of the hardest breakup scenarios to react to involves when your girlfriend wants to see other people. She's flat out telling you that she's looking for someone better.

For some reason she's unhappy with the relationship to the point where she feels the need to look elsewhere. This is a worst case scenario, because announcing the breakup to you happens to be her last stop before running off with some other guy. Either way, you'll need to identify the signs that your girlfriend has been cheating on you.


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