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Double your dating body

David isn’t your typical dating coach who’ll reel you in and then hide the best secrets.

He’s open about what he knows and sharing that with you.

People even stop him on the street and at airports to say that he’s changed their lives.

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“There are more subtle aspects that once you understand them, it’s like putting on 3D glasses when you go to a movie — all of a sudden everything appears differently,” he said.

I started to see patterns that no one else was talking about anywhere else.” David’s newfound knowledge and desire to help millions of lonely single men is what inspired him to create Double Your Dating LLC.

We spoke with David to learn more about his process of sharing tips based on his experiences, including how to approach women, avoid rejection, read body language, and build relationships.

David understands that he doesn’t know it all, and talking as if he does isn’t the way to help men absorb what he’s saying.

He’s spent a lot of time thinking about how people learn and interpret information, and he uses his successes and failures with women to talk to men the same way he would his best friend.


  1. Double Your dating LIVE! With David DeAngelo. Archetypal Trigger Buttons. • There are specific situations and triggers that cause the body to hijack the brain for its own purpose. • These situations trigger deep, archetypal structures in them that are basically hard- wired. • The body can take over the mind, use the mind to.

  2. An in depth Double Your Dating review where we analyse the main products offered by legendary pick up artist David Dangelo.

  3. Jun 7, 2017. Once your head is in the game, Double Your Dating gets down to the nitty-gritty details of what it takes to attract women. David DeAngelo covers a range of topics, from how to be funny, to the personality traits that women love, to body language. He also gives detailed information on where, when, and how.

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